toto the mc.jpg (40092 bytes)

MC and organizer Augusto  "Toto" Orosa

toto signing them up.jpg (42465 bytes) 
First you have to sign 
in to get past Toto.


ray, checking the list.jpg (45430 bytes)
 Ray is double checking the list with the help of Cita, Clemen and Celia.
rosalinda.jpg (39008 bytes)Our woman of letters, Philippine Star columnist Rosalinda L. Orosa. We don't have enough room to list all her awards


toto, milagring .jpg (53419 bytes)Milagring Orosa Aliling, the  historian of the Basilio branch, with Toto. ramon .jpg (38451 bytes)Ramon "Ray" S. Orosa
cong. mike romero.jpg (37579 bytes)
Cong. Mike Romero, husband 
of Menchu O. Grey.
menchu romero.jpg (45082 bytes)
Her husband may have been a congressman but Menchu G. Romero gets the last word.
carlo a. orosa.jpg (36841 bytes)
The family crooner, recording artist and noted stage actor, Carlo A. Orosa.
rola, carlo, .jpg (37539 bytes)Rola O. Vizmonte, Carlo Orosa and Martha O. Uy. They are second cousins to one another. ramon, toto.jpg (39229 bytes)             Ray and Toto, what are 
             they talking about??
senen, rosalinda, toto.jpg (42094 bytes)
Senen Q. Orosa, Rosalinda 
and Toto. Toto, give her the mike. 
mel orosa.jpg (36352 bytes)
Mel C. Orosa, son of Toto
tita ely, milagring, francis.jpg (60314 bytes)Ely O. Raquel Santos, Milagring and Tita Ely's son Francis, representatives of the Basilio branch. rosalinda, binay.jpg (49018 bytes)
Rosalinda and Binay 
(Mrs. Cesar) Ilagan
seniors 2.jpg (54261 bytes)Seniors 1, with exceptions of course. Seated are Rosalinda, Binay, Viring, Tita Ely and Clemen. Standing are Anna, Dr. Cesar Ylagan, Cilding Ylagan Angara and Francis Raquel Santos.  seniors 3.jpg (54140 bytes)Seniors 2, Mike Romero joins the group, standing on the left. Toto_Charito_Families.jpg (105736 bytes)Part of the Vicente Y. Orosa clan. My brother Toto and sister Charito are second and third from left. Wish I had been there!
leo, chic, lito.jpg (43696 bytes) Eloisa "Chic" Francisco is second from the left. Her husband Lito is partially obscured by Leo Y. Villarosa on the right. elaine, celia.jpg (42422 bytes)
Elaine del Rosario Lim and Celia V. Lambino
david, nanette ilagan.jpg (20860 bytes)
David Ilagan, wife Nanette
leo, lito, .jpg (43589 bytes)
From right, Jose Lim (husband of Elaine), Lito Franciso, Leo Villarosa.
binay, george ilagan, john.jpg (43270 bytes)Binay Ilagan, George Ilagan and friend John. George definitely came the furthest, all the way from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. leo, ana, rola.jpg (47683 bytes)Rola O. Vizmonte is waving at you. Her husband Arnel is in the middle, mom Anna is taking a sip.
clemen, simplicia family.jpg (53132 bytes) Clemen Y. Villarosa, matriarch of the Simplicia O. Ylagan clan standing in the middle. To her 
right is son Leo. Seated second from right is Cynthia, daughter of Clemen's 
sister Corazon Y. Reyes. Cynthia's husband 
Voltaire Labuguen is on her left. 

Toto's group; youngest son Mel is on the left; children from the right are Sandra, Lauro (Mel's two), Michelle (hidden), Martin and Marc (children of Mike).   mel, tess, lauro, sandra.jpg (44837 bytes)

mel, morris, mike families.jpg (48356 bytes)More of Toto's group; son Morris and wife Grace standing; Morris' son Kenneth seated on the right, ; behind him is eldest son Mike. 
hilarios boys.jpg (47757 bytes)

The Hilario boys - Dondi, Frankie, Jimmy (looking bored) and Jose.

 hilarios 2.jpg (45984 bytes)My sister Charito's family; from left are Dondi, Frankie, wife Cecile, Joel , Charito, husband Jose and Jimmy. hilarios 3.jpg (45027 bytes)
Dondi, Frankie, Cecile, 
Joel and Charito O. Hilario
marc, martin.jpg (25267 bytes)A poignant story. Marc and Martin Orosa are the children of Mike and grandsons of Toto. Marc battled leukemia for years and in 2001 received a bone marrow transplant from his younger brother. Unfortunately the procedure was not successful. Marc passed away in Sept. 2001 at age 20. joel o. hilario, carlo orosa.jpg (35946 bytes)
Joel O. Hilario and Carlo A. Orosa
joel o. hilario.jpg (30026 bytes)
Joel O. Hilario, son of Charito Orosa and Jose Hilario
tess and grace.jpg (39431 bytes)
Tess and Grace Orosa, spouses of Mel and Morris Orosa
bessie v. davocol.jpg (53244 bytes)
  Bessie Velez Davocol, daughter of Angelina Orosa Velez
bessie, jimmy, grace.jpg (51846 bytes)
Bessie, Jimmy O. Hilario and Grace
michelle, marc, martin, milagring.jpg (57331 bytes)
Michelle Orosa, Milagring, Gy, Marc and Martin Orosa. 
ramon, gigi, martha, joey.jpg (48281 bytes)
Family of Sixto L. Orosa Jr. In the middle is Ramon, to his left are Gigi, Jose "Joey" and Juan "JJ." Lady in red is  Martha. Gigi, Joey, JJ and Martha are the children of Jose S. Orosa. 
alexis, sarah.jpg (43285 bytes)
The two girls in dark dresses are Alexis Lim and Sarah Uy.
mike, oscar, ray.jpg (53883 bytes)
    Mike Romero, Oscar 
Lambino and Ray Orosa
viring, milagring, tita ely.jpg (55925 bytes)
Virginia "Viring" O. Grey, Milagring and Tita Ely
two teens, joseph lim, .jpg (40152 bytes)Joey & Joseph, great great 
grandchildren of Sixto Y. Orosa
carlo r. orosa and girls.jpg (48092 bytes)
Who is the lucky guy, that's Carlo R. Orosa, son of Senen & Anna with some cousins.
helen, naring, alice, roland.jpg (53846 bytes) Rafael Y. Orosa clan; Apolinario "Naring" is standing behind his wife Belinda; to her left are Carlo, Annie (Carlo's mom), Alice and Roland Tigno. Helen Orosa del Rosario is visiting, seated on the left. viring, menchu, pacita.jpg (53864 bytes)Viring Orosa Grey, her daughter Menchu, Pacita, Nancy and Nick Orosa Jr.
nick jr, pacita.jpg (45831 bytes)
Nick Q. Orosa Jr., wife Pacita and daughter Nancy
ana, senen, rola.jpg (48515 bytes)Anna & Senen Orosa, flanking their daughter Rola Vizmonte and granddaughter Gabrielle Vizmonte  toto, godo, gary.jpg (49738 bytes)

Toto visiting with Gary Orosa, Godo and Tita would not even look up from their plates. 

nick jr. family.jpg (49861 bytes) Nick Q. Orosa Jr. on the right, wife Pacita partially obscured. On the left is Carlo R. Orosa, son of Senen  alice, roland tigno.jpg (51992 bytes) Alice O. and Roland Tigno. They came from San Jose, California, second only to George Ilagan in distance. mike, philip, diana.jpg (45135 bytes) Mike C. Orosa, Philip , Raymond and Diana Sarol.

diana sarol family.jpg (51708 bytes)
Diana O. Sarol, husband Raymond children

godo family.jpg (54335 bytes)Godofredo "Godo" & Tita Orosa with children

 april anne, gary tigno.jpg (40027 bytes)

April Anne and Gary A. 
Orosa, children of Annie and 
the late Rafael Orosa Jr. 

1997_Host_by_Augusto_1_tn.jpg (86316 bytes)Here is everyone that came the reunion.