Welcome sign.jpg (118268 bytes)

Welcoming sign at the Quezon City Sports Club

Youngest generation.jpg (142432 bytes)

The future generation

Group picture 5, all.jpg (144402 bytes)Here's all of us

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Toto, MC.jpg (118727 bytes)

Our MC, Augusto "Toto" Orosa

Luis, Toto, Evar.jpg (134084 bytes)

Dr. Luis, Augusto and Evar Orosa

Milagring, Viring, Eden, Mike.jpg (128608 bytes)

Milagring Orosa Aliling, Mike Orosa, Viring Orosa Grey and Eden Orosa Kelemen

Joey C. Orosa family.jpg (93979 bytes)Joey C. Orosa Jr., son of Jose Y. Orosa Sr., and his family. Glad they're here. We haven't seen Joey or family in a while. Charito, Bea.jpg (105481 bytes)Charito Orosa Hilario and granddaughter Bianca Hilario


Bing, Nitoy, TJ, Jaimar, Mario.jpg (139750 bytes)Mitoy, Bing, Mario, TJ and Jaimar Orosa. We all met on the Internet!!



Elma, Michelle, Tita Ely, Elaine.jpg (125578 bytes)Elma O. Paraiso, Michelle Orosa, Elaine O. del Rosario, Tita Ely O. Raquel Santos  Grace, Tess, Milagring, Morris.jpg (123514 bytes)Tess Gan Orosa, Morris & Grace Orosa, Milagring O. Aliling Velez group.jpg (125890 bytes)Linda O. Velez, Bessie V. Davocol, Nikko, Ellen & Arriza Adoptante, Noel O. Velez   
Vicente group.jpg (110157 bytes)Augusto, Charito with their families & Mario, children of Vicente Y. Orosa,  Joey, Sonny, Francis.jpg (92612 bytes)

Joey Orosa, Sonny O. Grey and Francis O. Raquel Santos

Hilarios, TJ, Jaimar.jpg (109715 bytes)

Pepe & Charito Hilario family with TJ and Jaimar Orosa

Tita Ely Orosa Raquel Santos, profile.jpg (114531 bytes)Ely Orosa Raquel Santos, daughter of Agaton Orosa Elma Orosa Paraiso.jpg (123434 bytes)Elma Orosa Paraiso of San Pablo City, youngest daughter of Agaton Orosa Eden Orosa Kelemen.jpg (83141 bytes)

Eden Orosa Kelemen, granddaughter of Agaton Orosa

Francis Raquel Santos.jpg (63624 bytes)Francis Orosa Raquel Santos, son of Ely Raquel Santos


Mrs. Godo Orosa.jpg (89560 bytes)

Mrs. Teresita Orosa (Godo)

Godo N. Orosa.jpg (76111 bytes)

Godofredo "Godo" Orosa, son of Rafael Y. Orosa Sr.


Godo son .jpg (96705 bytes)Miguel Luis Orosa, & son Luis Antonio. He is the son of Godo Godo daughter 1.jpg (90283 bytes)

Maria Teresa Orosa, daughter of Godo

Godo daughter 2.jpg (75754 bytes)

Maria Consuelo Orosa, daughter of Godo

Godo daughter in law.jpg (99851 bytes)

Mrs. Alice Orosa, wife of Miguel Luis

Helen Orosa del Rosario.jpg (99839 bytes)Helen Orosa del Rosario, daughter of Dr. Sixto Y. Orosa Sr.


Elaine del Rosario.jpg (108571 bytes)

Elaine del Rosario, daughter of Helen Orosa del Rosario

Chic del Rosario.jpg (88435 bytes)Eloisa Cecilia "Chic" del Rosario, daughter of Helen Orosa del Rosario Lito Francisco.jpg (76511 bytes)

Joselito Francisco, husband of Chic

Ramon S. Orosa.jpg (116516 bytes)Ramon S. Orosa, son of Sixto "Ting" Orosa Jr.
son of who.jpg (141549 bytes)getting an early start onstage


Fermin Orosa, Mitoy.jpg (72113 bytes)

Fermin Orosa "Mitoy", son of Evar Orosa

mitoy son.jpg (105925 bytes)

Lorenzo Prieto Orosa, son of Fermin "Mitoy" Orosa

Lola Justita Cabrera Orosa.jpg (90787 bytes)Lola Justita Cabrera Orosa (wife of late Vicente Banaag Orosa Jr. Vicente M. Orosa, Bing.jpg (75475 bytes)Vicente Magallanes Orosa V "Bing", grandson of Lola Justita  

Mrs. Vicente Orosa V.jpg (63856 bytes)

Mrs. Pamela Orosa

Bing, Elma.jpg (107031 bytes)

Elma Orosa Paraiso and Bing Orosa

Sonny O. Grey.jpg (95590 bytes)

Sonny Orosa Grey, son of Viring Orosa

Ramon O. Grey.jpg (53680 bytes)

Virgilio O. Grey, son of Viring Orosa Grey


Bing daughter.jpg (54006 bytes) daughter of Vicente "Bing" Orosa V TJ Orosa.jpg (85762 bytes)TJ Orosa of the Cabusao, Camarines Sur Orosas. Brother of Jaimar Jaimar Orosa.jpg (86079 bytes)

Jaimar Orosa of the Cabusao, Camarines Sur Orosas

Annie Arreglado Orosa.jpg (102270 bytes)Mrs. Annie A. Orosa, wife of late Rafael N. Orosa Jr. April Anne Orosa.jpg (112828 bytes)April Anne A. Orosa, youngest daughter of Annie Carlo A. Orosa.jpg (88228 bytes)Our favorite singer and stage actor, Carlo A. Orosa, son of late Rafael N. Orosa Jr.
Carlo O, 1.jpg (107916 bytes)Carlo A. Orosa in after dinner performance Arriza Adoptante.jpg (110492 bytes)Hey, we can sing too. Arriza Adoptante, granddaughter of Tita Orosa Velez Nikko Adoptante .jpg (119544 bytes)And so can I. Nikko Adoptante, grandson of Tita Orosa Velez
Gary A. Orosa.jpg (75994 bytes)

Dr. Gary A. Orosa, son of Rafael Jr. Got a toothache?

Mrs. Gary Orosa.jpg (83586 bytes)

Mrs. Lorna Orosa (Gary)

Kenneth Orosa 1.jpg (75610 bytes)

Kenneth Orosa, son of Gary & Lorna

Ellen, Arriza, Nikko.jpg (123244 bytes)Ellen Velez Adoptante with children Arriza & Nikko Frankie, Cecille.jpg (117429 bytes)Frankie & Cecille Hilario. Frankie is the son of Charito Orosa Hilario


Noel O. Velez.jpg (84128 bytes)

Noel Orosa Velez, son of Tita Orosa Velez

Vizmonte.jpg (88030 bytes)

Arnel Vizmonte, huband of Rola Orosa

Rola Orosa Vizmonte.jpg (96458 bytes)Rola Orosa Vizmonte, daughter of Senen & Anna Orosa Senen.jpg (107057 bytes)

Senen Q. Orosa, son of Nicolas Y. Orosa, holding grandson Diego

                           Senen granddaughter.jpg (97625 bytes)

Gabrielle Vizmonte, daughter of Rola & Arnel

Senen granddaughter 1.jpg (71441 bytes)

Hannah Vizmonte, daughter of Rola and Phil

Senen grandson 2.jpg (101128 bytes)

Senen's daughter Rola holding youngest son Diego Vizmonte

Senen grandson maybe.jpg (134073 bytes)

Juan Luis Vizmonte, son of Rola and Phil

Carlo R. Orosa.jpg (84019 bytes)Carlo Romero Orosa, son of Senen Q. Orosa Lauro Orosa.jpg (52955 bytes)

Lauro Orosa, son of Mel & Tess and grandson of Toto

Melissa V. Orosa.jpg (74405 bytes)

Melissa Valiente Orosa, wife of Joey C. Orosa

Joey (Martha Jasmin).jpg (68333 bytes)

Martha Jasmin Orosa, daughter of Joey & Melissa

Sandra Orosa.jpg (63487 bytes)Sandra Orosa, daughter of Mel & Tess and granddaughter of Toto

Jim Boy Orosa 1.jpg (51421 bytes)Juan Miguel "Jim Boy" Orosa, son of Joey and Melissa Joey son.jpg (109106 bytes)

Juan Manuel Orosa, son of Joey & Melissa


Joey (Maria Josefina).jpg (69420 bytes)

Maria Josefina Orosa, daughter of Joey & Melissa


Nitoy, Mel, TJ, Carlo, Mike.jpg (136711 bytes)The big guys are Mitoy, Mike, Carlo, Mel, TJ, & Jaimar plus Mitoy's boys Philip Sarol.jpg (90713 bytes)Philip Orosa Sarol, son of Diana & grandson of Naring N. Orosa Fely_Ylagan_Eleazar_Family.jpg (402363 bytes)Eleazars, family of the late Fely Orosa Ylagan. (sorry but it is fuzzy)
Chow line, TJ.jpg (125897 bytes)

Buffet line

Chow line, Pepe, Bessie.jpg (149377 bytes)

Buffet line

Chef Ramon.jpg (111097 bytes)

Chef Ramon of the Sports Club prepared our buffet


TJ, Jaimar, Ray, Mario.jpg (117346 bytes)

TJ, Mario, Ray, Jaimar


Victor Ylagan Eleazar.jpg (88761 bytes)Atty. Victor Eleazar, son of Fely Eleazar, grandson of Felisa Orosa Ylagan

Milagring, Evar, Lola Justita, Toto.jpg (108426 bytes)

At the Cafe O'Rosa w/ Milagring, Lola Justita, Evar & Toto


Francis, Bing, Mitoy.jpg (87201 bytes)

At the Cafe O'Rosa, Francis, Mitoy, Bing

Cafe O'Rosa Orosas.jpg (88256 bytes)

Still at the Cafe O'Rosa

cafe o'rosa menu.jpg (488302 bytes)


Menu of Cafe O'Rosa on Maria Y. Orosa Street, corner Nakpil. Does the clan get royalties?