Family Visits and Get Togethers

Cake.jpg (132521 bytes)This cake was given by Alice Ylagan Navarro of Estrel's Cake Shop for our lunch at Clemen's..

Cilding, Clemen.jpg (149840 bytes)Sisters Cilding Ylagan Angara and Clemen Ylagan Villarosa. Clemen hosted a  luncheon for my sister Tita and me.

Cilding, Clemen, Evar, Viring, Tita.jpg (137597 bytes)Cilding, Clemen, Evar Orosa, Viring O. Grey and Tita O. Velez
Clemen, Tita.jpg (147693 bytes)

    Tita trying on the dress given to
      her by Clemen.  Red signifies
               good luck.

Evar, Viring, Tita, Sonny.jpg (167880 bytes)

    Evar, Viring and Sonny O. Grey


Clemen at the keyboard.jpg (152568 bytes)
Clemen may have given her recital concert over 60 years ago but she still plays with gusto.
Pepe, Charito, Bessie, Sonny.jpg (123600 bytes)
Sonny, Bessie Velez Davocol, Charito O. and Pepe Hilario
Group.jpg (136604 bytes)Cilding, Clemen, Evar, Viring, Tita, Sonny, Bessie, Charito, Pepe Group 2.jpg (150210 bytes)Cilding, Clemen, Evar, Viring, Tita, Sonny, Bessie, Charito, Mario
Leonor, Charito.jpg (147514 bytes)
          Charito & National Artist 
         Leonor Orosa Goquingco.
Rosalinda, Helen, Charito, Pepe, Mario.jpg (160475 bytes)Seated are Rosalinda L.Orosa, Helen O. del Rosario and Charito O. Hilario. Standing are Mario Orosa & Pepe Hilario Rosalinda, Helen, Charito, Evelyn.jpg (170753 bytes)
           Rosalinda, Helen & Charito.
           Standing is Helen's daughter
            Evelyn del Rosario Garcia.


Charito, Pepe, Melissa, Jim Boy.jpg (169881 bytes)Pepe, Charito, Melissa & Jim Boy Orosa. Melissa is the widow of Joey C. Orosa. Jim Boy is their youngest child. Charito, Mario, Melissa, Jim Boy.jpg (163684 bytes)Mario, Charito, Melissa and Jim Boy Orosa.


Milagring Orosa.jpg (112590 bytes)

Milagring Orosa Aliling; at age 
83 Milagring still works!

Vince & Eden Kelemen.jpg (127555 bytes)
             Our hosts for the evening, 
            Eden Orosa and husband 
                     Vince Kelemen

Eden, Dan, Milagring.jpg (142180 bytes)Eden Orosa Kelemen, Dan 
Orosa and Milagring. They are 
three of the children of Mariano 
Marella Orosa.
Milagring, Gy.jpg (116394 bytes)
             Milagring and Gy Robles,
                wife of Mike C. Orosa
Mike, Eden, Lydia, Dan, Milagring.jpg (139593 bytes)
Mike C. Orosa, Eden, Lydia & Dan Orosa, Gy, Milagring
Mike, Eden, Lydia, Dan, Milagring, Mario.jpg (140784 bytes)Mike, Eden, Mario, Lydia, Dan, Gy & Milagring.

Dinner Table  at Eden's.jpg (159902 bytes)This is the repast served by our hostess Eden. There are two Batangas dishes, adobong Taal and tulingan!
Evar, Mario.jpg (128735 bytes)
On the way to Alfonso, Cavite
Evar and Mario
Evar, Mitoy at breakfast.jpg (150349 bytes)
           Mitoy and Evar; they spent
       sixteen hours one day taking
           me to Alfonso and Taal.
Evar buying pineapples 1.jpg (179306 bytes)
         Evar shopping for pineappples
Evar, Mario at Leyran home.jpg (150171 bytes)At the beautiful property of Ramon Leyran in Alfonso. Ramon is married to Marina Orosa Salazar, great granddaughter of Basilio. Mitoy, Rooster.jpg (169214 bytes)
Mitoy the fighting cock breeder with one of his prize roosters.
Evar, Mario, rooster.jpg (208044 bytes)
As you can see, Mario is an amateur who doesn't even know the proper way to hold a fighting cock.

Loyola & Luistro families with Evar, Mitoy, Mario.jpg (149657 bytes)Santiago cousins: seated - Evar, Amparo Orosa Luistro, Verna
&  Vivian Loyola; Standing -
Eric Luistro, Mitoy, Esteban
Loyola, Benjamin Luistro, Mario

Merienda time 2.jpg (154795 bytes)
Merienda time in Taal - Esteban, Amparo, Mitoy, Mario,
Benjamin, Eric, Evar