Melisa "Ria" del Rosario Francisco, great granddaughter of Drs. Sixto & Severina Orosa, was wed to Mr. Paolo Prieto Oct. 25, 2005. Below are some pictures and a write-up on the wedding.

The beaming couple, Ria del Rosario Francisco
and Paolo Rufino Prieto
Bride's grandma Helen Orosa del Rosario, Ria,
auntie Liz del Rosario Atilano, Paolo, auntie Rosalina L.
Orosa and mother of the bride Cecilia "Chic" del
Rosario Francisco.

The bride's aunts and mom - Liz Atilano, Evelyn del
Rosario Garcia, Elaine del Rosario Lim and mom Chic.

Bride Ria between brother Joey and
sister Dr. Olivia Francisco

Rosalinda L. Orosa's article on Ria & Paolo's
wedding, p1.

Rosalinda L. Orosa's article on Ria & Paolo's
wedding, p2.

Evelyn del Rosario Garcia's Year
of the Dog card creations, p1.

Evelyn del Rosario Garcia's Year
of the Dog card creations, p2.

New Arrivals:

Kirsten Hilario arrived Feb. 26, 2006 in Chicago, IL
She is the great granddaughter of
Vicente Y. and Rosario Orosa.

Daphne Rodriguez was born in Quezon City last May. She
is the great great granddaughter of Vicente Y. and
Rosario Orosa. Sorry we're late with the announcement.
ALEXIE KAFIYAH ILAGA was born in Quezon City Feb. 15, 2006.
We don't have a photograph yet.

We caught up with the Basilio Orosa side first with a dinner hosted by Mitoy and Elsa Orosa at their new home in Tierra Pura. Then Milagros Orosa Aliling organized an excursion first to her son's home in Tagaytay then to the "Bahay Pahingahan ng Orosa-Aliling" in Barrio San Nicolas on the shores of Lake Taal. Clemen Ylagan Villarosa also hosted lunch for us at her place in Triangle Homes, QC.

Dinner at Elsa & Mitoy: Ana (Lapus), Elsa, Mike Orosa
Efren & Mimi Lapus, Mitoy (standing)

The Seniors: Milagring O. Aliling & Val Orosa,
Evar Orosa, Mario Orosa

Seated: Evar, Milagring, Val. Standing: Mario,
Mitoy Elsa, Efren, Mimi, Gy, Mike

Elsa & Mitoy Orosa

Elma Orosa Paraiso &
Milagring Orosa Aliling

Seated: Tita Orosa Velez, visiting
from Australia. Standing: Evelyn
Pangilinan Aliling and Evar

Still working at 85! Milagring
supervised the kitchen's staff.

On the stairs of Evelyn & Tito Aliling's home, from left:
Gy, Mike, Evelyn, Charito & Pepe Hilario, Bessie Velez
Davocol, Evar, Milagring, Mel Orosa, Mario,
Elma Orosa Paraiso, Val, Tita.

Mario, Val & Charito with Atty. Vic Eleazar.
Vic is the son of Fely Ylagan & Pepe
Eleazar and grandson of Felisa Y. Orosa

Some Orosas of Lemery. On the left is Mrs.
Cornelia Orosa Balitaan. Second from right is
Mrs. Basilia Orosa. Cornilia supplied the
names on the Lemery list of Orosas.

Val with Diana Orosa Sarol. Diana is the
daughter of Apolinario "Naring" Orosa
and granddaughter of Rafael Y. Orosa

Val, Diana, Mario &
Naring Orosa

Seated: Anna Romero Orosa & Val.
Standing: Mario, Senen and Carlo Orosa.

Lunch with Clemen: Seated are Celia Villarosa
Lambino & Clemen Ylagan Villarosa. Standing
are Oscar Lambino,Viring Orosa Grey, Charito,
Mario, Tita, Val and Alice Ylagan Navarro.


Monique Roselle Orosa, daughter of the late Ramon
C. Orosa & Mimi Hollman. Through the efforts of the Mendez
family (Mrs. Luigi Mendez is Laura C. Orosa), they've been
able to re-establish contact with Monique after more than a
decade. Thank you Mendez clan!

Stephen S. Orosa (grandson of Nicolas Y. Orosa)
with Nadine M. Orosa (granddaughter of Vicente Y. Orosa).
They are second cousins and live in New York.