Alice & Roland Tigno Family Update 2006

Alice & Roland, in the center
with their seven children. Occasion
was the 80th birthday of Roland.

Alice & Roland with
their entire clan.

Christening of Alice and Roland's
10th grandchild, Mary Terese Martin,
daughter of Michelle & Dan Martin

Congratulatory letter from Pres. & Mrs. G. W. Bush to Danielle
Tigno Martin for the 2006
President's Education Award.

Certificate presented to Danielle Tigno
Martin for Academic Excellence, signed
byPres. George W. Bush.

Danielle Tigno Martin's
promotion certificate.

An "oldie" picture, of Alice's
parents, Rafael & Fabiana
on their 50th wedding
anniversary in 1975.

An older "oldie" - that is our uncle Jose Y. "Pepe" Orosa
and his wife Salud in 1935
during a cross country
journey from New
York to Los Angeles.