August was a busy month. My older sister Angelina Orosa Velez, 85 years young, flew from Brisbane (Australia) to the US, with a final stop in San Diego to visit two granddaughters. Caught up her in San Diego where we also had an opportunity to visit with Dan P. Orosa. Also received some updates from Sylvia "Diva" Orosa, a niece of Dan. Here's a few pictures.

Angelina "Tita" Orosa Velez
(seated) with granddaughter Kristina
Velez Padilla behind her. To
Kristina's right is her half sister Silver
and Silver's son Jackson. Tita is 85, proving that you're
never too old for Legoland or Disney.


Kristina and Lola Tita after a long walk
at the San Diego Zoo Wilds in Escondido.

Tita O. Velez & "kid brother"
Mario Orosa at Coronado Beach

Tita O. Velez & "kid brother"
Mario Orosa at Del Mar Beach

Proud Lolo Dan P. Orosa
and his apo Jaden Orosa.

Lola Lydia holding Jaden with Tita
O. Velez and Dan Orosa behind.

Children of Reynaldo Gonzales Orosa
Seated are Sylvia, Cecilia &
Marissa; standing are Oscar and Mario

Reynaldo Orosa's clan - in front are
Mario Orosa and  Marlon Solivio; second
row seated are Oscar & Monette Orosa,
Sylvia (Diva), Marissa O. Pactwa, Rose
L. Orosa, Melvin & Cecilia Solivio; in the back row are
Jeremiah & Stephanie Orosa (children of Oscar & Monette)
Daniel Orosa (Mario & Rose) & Elaine O. Solivio.

Melecia Eslera, second wife of
Reynaldo and mother of Oscar, is
in the center.
Gloria Punzalan and Mariano Marella
Orosa, parents of Dan P. Orosa. Mariano
is also the father of Reynaldo Orosa
by his first wife Irene Gonzales. Photo
compliments of Dan.