Family of Nicolas Y. Orosa in New York and New Jersey
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Ricardo Q. Orosa aka Carding and wife Nida in New York City's Times Square. They came all the way from their home in Sydney, Australia. It was an opportunity for the family of Nicolas Y. Orosa to get together. 
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Of course they have to see a Broadway play

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Carding & Nida with son-in-law Luigi Mendez. Luigi is with the United Nations in New York.

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Nannette O. Mendez and Theresa O. "Rēsa" Kordestani. Nannette is the daughter of Carding while  Rēsa is the daughter of Nicolas Q. Orosa Jr.
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Nida & Carding Orosa, Rēsa Kordestani
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Carding and Rēsa

Photo 25 of 25.jpg (110241 bytes)Lulay Buencamino, Nida, Mylene, Young, Stephen, Rēsa, Carding, Ed, Young.

Slide12.JPG (78311 bytes)Young, Carding, Rēsa, Ben

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Carding, Rēsa and Stephen
Photo 22 of 25.jpg (126096 bytes)Carding, Rēsa, Nannette and Stephen S. Orosa. Stephen is a son of Nicolas Jr. He lives in New Jersey and the get together was at his house.

Photo 20 of 25.jpg (107233 bytes)The Boys and a lady - Luigi, Ben, Tomasito, Victor, Ed, Young and Mylene.

Photo 24 of 25.jpg (91600 bytes)Cutting it up, Nannette and partner.

Slide1.JPG (91750 bytes) Advance Birthday Treat for Rēsaís birthday on September 11th ; Children, in-laws & grandchild of Nicolas, Jr. & Pacita Orosa: L-R:  Tootsie Lozano Orosa, Victor & Tomasito Orosa, Stephen Orosa, Young Orosa & Mylene Mitra Orosa Front Seated: Rēsa Orosa Kordestani, Ben Kordestani

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Carding & Rēsa 

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Rēsaís birthday dinner.

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Children, grandchild & in-laws of Nic & Pacita Orosa: Standing L-R:  Young, Mylene, BenFront 
Seated:  Stephen, Kuya Victor, Tomasito & Rēsa

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L-R: Tita Nida, Mylene, Young, Tito Carding, Rēsa, Kuya Victor, Tomasito, Ben, Ate Nannette and Luigi; Front:  Stephen
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L-R: Mylene, Young, Tito Carding, Rēsa, Ben
Front:  Katie Polski (niece), Tita Nida
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L-R: Baby Sanchez (sister of Pacita), Luigi Mendez, Lulay Buencamino (sister of Pacita), Mylene, Young, Ben, Rēsa, Carding, Ed (not family), Victor; Crouched Front:  Nannette Mendez, Nida & Stephen
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Carding, Rēsa, Nannette & Stephen

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Luigi Mendez & Nestor Mata; Nestor brings back memories from the 1950's. He was the lone survivor in the plane crash that killed President Ramon Magsaysay in 1957.
Photo 3 of 25.jpg (196665 bytes)Paintings of artist Boy Rodriquez

Photo 4 of 25.jpg (155590 bytes)Paintings of artist Boy Rodriquez

Photo 5 of 25.jpg (179285 bytes)Paintings of artist Boy Rodriquez

More of Carding and Nida Orosa's  USA visit.

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Photo 16 of 25.jpg (134842 bytes) Photo 8 of 25.jpg (152004 bytes) Photo 10 of 25.jpg (139645 bytes) Photo 11 of 25.jpg (144259 bytes) Photo 12 of 25.jpg (128741 bytes)Carding w/ Kira