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   Monday Aug. 04, 2003, Philippines
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HEAD MAN wears hats from Paris to Butuan.
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Carlo Orosa blows
his Trumpets

Posted: 3:01 AM (Manila Time) | Aug. 04, 2003
By Marinel R. Cruz and Irene Andrea C. Perez
Inquirer News Service


HE TRIED to be a pop star but never quite became as big as his contemporary, Gary Valenciano. But Carlo Orosa, one of Philippine entertainment's underrated artists, has got more talent than 10 young upstarts combined.

In 1986, Carlo co-founded the Triumphant People's Evangelistic Society, better known as Trumpets, and since then has been a moving force behind the theater company.

"Trumpets has been my home," says Carlo. "I've been involved since its conception. Now I'm with the board. I'm also into marketing, sponsorship and PR."

He also teaches acting, directs events and preaches the Gospel.

He has been inclined to the arts as early as high school when he joined the famous La Salle Greenhills singing group, Kundirana, in 1982. It was there where he forged a friendship with schoolmate Gary V, who later inspired him to break into the mainstream.

Carlo later took up advertising at the University of Sto. Tomas and is a thesis short of a degree.

He joined bands and eventually tried his luck as a solo performer, even cutting a solo album. He has been a born-again Christian since 1989.

Among other stage roles, he gave powerful performances as Jacob's youngest son, Benjamin, in "Joseph, the Dreamer," and as Jewel's friend, Nicodemus, in "Little Mermaid." He starred in several telemovies and sitcoms but has not done a movie.

Artist and minister

"I'm very particular about the projects I do," he explains. "I'm not only an artist, I'm also a minister. I have to set a good example. Not that I'm judging other actors."

Although movies generally have more following than theater, Carlo has high hopes about bringing theater, particularly musicals, to the masses. He and the rest of Trumpets know that many people want to see plays, such as "Rama at Sita" or even "Miss Saigon," but not everyone can afford to see these.

Trumpets brings smaller plays to barangays, where actors often have to make do with a basketball court for a stage. These plays are usually done in Filipino and are well received, proving that art appreciation knows no social class, says Carlo.

From Aug. 1 to Sept. 11, Carlo puts on a duckling costume and performs in the Trumpets production of "Honk!"

"Honk!" is a modern remake of Hans Christian Andersen's classic, "The Ugly Duckling." Trumpets brought the musical to the country after Trumpets co-founder and president Audie Gemora saw it in Singapore. It has three Best Musical honors, from the 2000 Laurence Olivier Award, the FNB Vita Award in South Africa and Elliot Norton Award in the US. The Philippine premiere last week was simultaneous with LA's.

'Ugly duckling'  
'Retro suit'  

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