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Carlo Orosa captivates audience as Benjamin

MANILA, Jan. 22 (Sunstar) -- Veteran stage actor, concert performer and singing star Carlo Orosa once again captivates the hearts and minds of stage aficionados in “Joseph The Dreamer.”

As Benjamin, brother of Joseph, Carlo convincingly acts out the conflict reflected in the heart of the youngest of the 12 sons of Israel. He is caught in between two contending forces. He considers it right to listen to Joseph, to follow his every word, to join his brother and their father in worshipping God. And yet, Benjamin fears his other brothers (Reuben, Simeon and the jealous ones). He cannot stand being ostracized by them, not wanting to suffer their scorn and brute force. This is the conflict in Benjamin’s heart, which Carlo dramatizes superbly.

Carlo also earned rave reviews as Mr. Tumnus in “The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe” and as the villain Kooni in “Rama At Sita.” Prior to that, he had the privilege to appear with Lea Salonga in a Maxi-Media production of “Grease,” not to mention his topnotch performances in other Trumpets musicales such as “Pamilya Maleta” (a Tagalog play that has traveled in other countries like Japan, Hongkong and Malaysia), “First Name,” and many others.

Last Dec. 11 and 12, Carlo performed with Martin Nievera, Jaya and Zsa Zsa Padilla at the Folk Arts Theater in SK Productions’ “One for the Soul.”

He was in the original cast of “Joseph The Dreamer” when it first ran in 1989 in Cebu which explains the deftness in which he portrays the role of Benjamin. Offstage, Carlo is a newly-elected board member of Trumpets.

“I am excited about the fact that Trumpets is moving to a new home on the 5th floor of Shangri-La Mall (formerly Quantum X),” he says.

Carlo brings to the fore Benjamin’s simplemindedness, his lack of conviction and some element of humor in the character’s mannerisms. Benjamin’s actions were not the result of evil design. Most of it was propelled by fear of his brothers’ wrath so he silently agreed with them into deceiving Jacob into thinking that Joseph was dead. Deep within, he bled for his brother. He went along for his brothers, yes. But, although he was with them, he was not really for them. And Carlo was able to show all these idiosyncrasies.

Carlo’s singing prowess was also prominently displayed in the tightly-arranged song numbers, interacting well with the two Josephs—Gary Valenciano and Audie Gemora.

“Joseph The Dreamer’ is simply about family, their joys and complexities, about God and life, about patience and forgiveness. Whatever happens, God is faithful to forgive and restore,” says Carlo.

And through the acting prowess of Carlo, Benjamin’s short meaty moments in the spotlight makes “Joseph The Dreamer” not just a musical with a message but an entertaining musical experience as well. (SNS)

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