These pictures are through the courtesy of Dan & Lydia Orosa. They visited their siblings and other relatives last December. Dan is a grandson of Agaton, he and Lydia reside in San Diego, CA. .

Dan, Lydia Family opt.jpg (517963 bytes)At the house of Gliceria Marella Villavicencio in Taal. Seated from left - Baby Quiblat (daughter of Tita Monsie), Mely Orosa (Mrs. Reynaldo), Marichu (daughter of Letty), Cecile (daughter of Reynaldo), Tito Aliling & Evelyn (Mrs. Tito). Standing from left - Dan Orosa, Diva Orosa (daughter of Reynaldo), Letty Encarnacion, Lydia Orosa & Tita Monsie Villavicencio (granddaughter of Gliceria). Whew!

Milagring, Eden, Vince, Francis, Lydia, etc. opt.jpg (155453 bytes)
From left - ?, Vince, Evelyn, Eden, Lydia, Francis, Milagring, ?, Mimi (daughter of Milagring) &?

Milagring, Dan, Lydia, Francis, Eden, etc. opt.jpg (137319 bytes)
Seated from left - ?, Eden, Milagring & . Standing from
left - ?, Evelyn, Francis, Lydia, Dan, ?, Mimi, Tito, ?, ?

Tita Monsie Villavicencio, Lydia Orosa opt.jpg (634380 bytes)
Tita Monsie Villavicencio
& Lydia.


Milagring, Dan, Lydia, Eden, Vince, Reynaldo opt.jpg (102627 bytes)
Tito Aliling, Eden Orosa Kelemen, ?, Vince
Kelemen, Evelyn, Milagring, Lydia & Dan.

Milagring, Eden, Vince, Reynaldo, opt.jpg (171286 bytes)Seated on the left are Vince & Eden Kelemen. Behind them are Tito & Evelyn Aliling. Conked out on the right is Milagring. She is an energetic 80 something but she gets tired once in a while.


Mike, Eden, Lydia, Mario, Gy, Milagring opt.jpg (132720 bytes)Dinner at the house of Eden & Vince Kelemen. From
left - Mike Orosa, Eden, Lydia, Mario, Gy (Mrs. Mike)
& Milagring. Batangas delicacies were served of
course, including  tulingan & adobong Taal.

Mike, Eden, Mario, Lydia, Dan, Gy, Milagring opt.jpg (141276 bytes)
From left - Mike Orosa, Eden, Mario,
Lydia, Dan, Gy and Milagring.


Dan & Family opt.jpg (56843 bytes)Dan & Lydia at home. They are seated on the right. Daughter Rachelle is holding baby Jasmine. Husband Darryl Wong is on her right.