December 2006 Update:
A mix of young & old and antique. And I mean antique - see document from 1906 below. This is really the best part of being webmaster and chronicler. I regularly receive updates and pictures from you, coming from all corners of the globe. Here's some of the latest. Others have been posted previously in other pages such as the March & August 2006 and Alice Orosa Tigno updates a couple of months ago. As you can see, we have a lot of attractive Orosa descendants around the world.

Roselle Orosa, Richard O., Sashi O. & Mike O. Mendez. They are all great grandchildren of  Nicolas Y. Orosa. They live in the New York area with parents Luigi & Laura Mendez. Daniel Villarosa & friend taking a break
from their pizza. Daniel is a great grandson
of Simplicia O. Ylagan. He lives in Greater
London with parents Dan & Lidia.

Daniel Villarosa & fellow
altar boy Aaron George.

Daniel Villarosa & Fr. Gerry

Ann Zamora

Grace Zamora

Joy Zamora

Rose Zamora
The Zamora girls are daughters
of Elizabeth Orosa Romey,
granddaughter of Agaton Orosa.

Vincent "Tobey" Hilario
Kirsten "Kiten" Hilario & mom
Bambie. With dad Joel O. Hilario, they moved to Chicago, IL in 2005. Kiten & Tobey are the great grandchildren of Vicente Y. Orosa.

Your chronicler Mario & wife Val,
overlooking downtown Cincinnati, Ohio.


Kristin P. Velez, Kristin's mom Joena
Padilla and grandma Tita Orosa Velez in Las Vegas. Tita (Mario's 85 yrs. young sister) was
visiting from Brisbane, Australia. Kristin is another great granddaughter of  Vicente Y. Orosa.

Ship manifest of ss Siberia from August
1906 listing Vicente Orosa (misspelled
as Vincente) and four other "pensionados"
including Conrado Benitez and Juan
Macaraeg. Juan is the maternal grandfather
of President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo.