Thanks to Mitoy Orosa, Luigi Mendez, Theresa Orosa Kordestani and Evelyn del Rosario Garcia for providing the pictures. This site would not be possible without your help.

Fermin "Mitoy" Orosa provided his family's pictures. He is the son of Atty. Evar Orosa, who is now 84 years young.

Mitoy & Elsa Orosa and Family
at their new house.

Mitoy & Elsa Orosa

Isabella K. "Isay" Orosa;
she received her First Holy
Communion in Dec. 2006.

Gabriel K. "Iloy" Orosa;
Iloy is eleven.

Andre K. Orosa, age 13
He and brother attend Xavier where they are required
to learn Latin and Mandarin. He spent the third quarter
of the school year at Xiamen University in China

Lorenzo K. "Chino" Orosa, age 15
Chino also went to China for six weeks
last summer.

The pictures of the Mendez family of New York & New Jersey are from Luigi. The pictures of Nick Orosa Jr.'s family are from Theresa Orosa Kordestani.
Nick is the son of Nicolas Y. & Laura Orosa. Luigi's wife Nanette is the daughter of Ricardo Q. Orosa, eldest son of Nicolas Y.

Laura "Nanette" and Luis "Luigi" Mendez

Luigi & Nanette's family; Richard,
Sashi, Mike and Roselle

The Mendez family and friends
celebrating the new year

Luigi and daughter Sashi

Pacita & Nick Orosa Jr. Family;
standing are Stephen, R. Victor &
wife Lucia "Tootsie", Ben & Theresa
Kordestani, Mylene & R. Young.

Thomas Luc Orosa,
son of Ramon Victor & Lucia.

R. Antonio "Tonette" Orosa
family. Tonette, Paolo, Christine,
Antoinette, Patricia & mom Emerita.
They live in Vancouver, BC

Tonette & Family

Paolo Orosa with great aunt Rose Mateo


The following pictures are of the family of Helen Orosa del Rosario, daughter of Dr. Sixto Y. Orosa & Dr. Severina Luna Orosa.
Helen was 87 years young last Nov. Her children are Eloisa "Chic", Elizabeth "Liz", Elaine, Luis "Leo" and Evelyn.

Eloisa "Chic" & Lito Francisco family;
Joey Francisco, Paolo & Ria Prieto, mom
Chic, Dr. Olivia Francisco and dad Lito

Liz del Rosario Atilano,
mom Helen and son Jeff.
Liz' other children Kara and
Enrique are in the U.S.


Elaine & Pepe Lim family;
Alexa, Pepe, Elaine & Jupi,
lola Helen in front.

Leo O. del Rosario Family; sitting
are Tess, Stephanie & lola Helen;
standing are Sixto, Leo and Sandro.

Matt, Evelyn & Ted Garcia
with family pet Dandan

Ted Garcia and mom Evelyn
del Rosario Garcia. Ted was
visiting after two years.

Ted holding up the Taal
crater island with his hand.

Ted with lola Helen O. del Rosario

After two short weeks it is already time
to say goodbye. Ted is returning to the U.S.

Evelyn and Matt Garcia

Mark O. Uy, Helen O. del Rosario,
Milette O. Uy, Matt & Evelyn Garcia. Mark and
Milette were visiting from Sydney, Australia. Milette
& Helen are first cousins, Mark and Evelyn are
second cousins. Of course you knew that.

.Mark Uy playing for Helen, Evelyn
and mom Milette. Mozart or Elton John??

Pictures of Dado & Elena were provided by Morris C. Orosa.

Jose "Pepe" & Charito Hilario;
Pepe turned 75 on Jan. 21.

Apolinario "Naring" Orosa & Conrado "Dado" Ilagan. Dado
was visiting from Vancouver, BC in Canada. Naring
turned 80 last June while Dado just turned 80 Jan. 15.

Bienvenida for Elena & Dado Ilagan at his
sister Clemen Villarosa. From left; Cilding
Angara, Alice Ylagan, Viring O. Grey,
Senen Orosa and Bobby Ilagan.

Standing is Elena Ilagan, seated
are Ana R. Orosa, Lourdes C.
Orosa and Melinda B. Orosa. In the
background is hostess Clemen Villarosa