Courtesy of Milette Orosa Uy

milette, tita families, Oct. 1988.jpg (171895 bytes)Oct.. 1988, one month after the birth of Mark O. Uy. L to R: Carissa O. Uy holding Mark, Jun (Ricardo Jr.) Orosa, Melissa O. Uy, Milette Orosa Uy, Tita Orosa Velez, Manolo Velez, Rene C. Orosa & Edwin O. Velez.

milette, toto visit, Nov. 1988.jpg (120655 bytes)Nov. 1988 visit of Augusto "Toto" E. Orosa. L to R: Edwin O. Velez, Mel C. Orosa, Carissa holding Mark, Melissa, Milette and Toto.

milette, mario visit, Jan. 1995.jpg (139699 bytes)
Jan. 1995, visit of Mario E. Orosa. L to R: Mario,
Ricardo Q. Orosa, Milette and Tita O. Velez.

milette, lou & family visit, April 1997.jpg (69234 bytes)April 1997, visit of Lourdes C. Orosa and her children.
L to R: Kenneth Orosa, Grace & Morris C. Orosa,
Lourdes, Mike C. Orosa, Michelle, Martin
and Marc Orosa, Mark Uy, Milette O. Uy.

milette birthday nyc, Dec. 1997.jpg (73132 bytes)Dec. 29, 1997, 50th birthday of Milette at Bolo Restaurant in New York City. L to R: Ernest Uy, Melissa Uy,
Mark Uy, Milette, Tubbie-Rose Fernandez, David
Drier, Cecille Orosa Drier and Liana Drier.

ernest uy, mike romero, romero sr, June 2000.jpg (179221 bytes)
June 2000 visit of Mike Romero and family: L to R: Ernest Uy, Mike Romero, Sr. Romero (Mike's papa).

mark, ernie, melissa, leah, July 2001.jpg (174552 bytes)July 2001 engagement party of Melissa O. Uy.
L to R: Mark Uy, Ria G. Romero, Melissa,
 happy dad Ernest Uy, Leah C. Orosa.

ria, mark, leah, July 2001.jpg (165115 bytes)July 2001; second cousins Ria G. Romero,
Mark O. Uy and Leah C. Orosa.

menchu, carissa, cassandra, Oct. 2002.jpg (131954 bytes)Oct. 2002 visit of Mike & Menchu Romero.
Menchu G. Romero, Carissa Uy Fletcher &
Cassandra Romero Eschmann.
milette, mike romero visit, Oct. 2002.jpg (50580 bytes)Oct. 2002 dinner at La Grillade: Cassandra R.
Eschmann, Mike & Menchu Romero, Milette
& Ernest Uy and Boris Eschmann.
milette, menchu visit, Oct. 2002.jpg (157035 bytes)Oct. 2002 dinner at Uy home: seated on the floor are Mark and Ernest Uy. Seated are Boris Eschmann, Milette, Menchu, Carissa Uy Fletcher, Jez Fletcher and Cassandra.