Gregorio Orosa Sr. (1)    Angela Guevarra

         Gregorio Guevarra Orosa Jr. (2)   (d. 12/31/2001)    Juanita Tumalon
            3-1 Fe Orosa Marilim   m. Atty. Edgardo Marilim
                   4-1-1 Easter Joyce    Orosa Marilim
4-1-2 Edgar John      Orosa Marilim
4-1-3 Erika Jazmine  Orosa Marilim
4-1-4 Edrick Jazon    Orosa Marilim

             3-2 Gregorio Orosa III    m. Aida Austria    
4-2-1 Marie Christinne  Austria Orosa
4-2-2 Gregorio                Austria Orosa IV
  4-2-3 Mark Ryan            Austria Orosa 

             3-3 Jocelyn T. Orosa  

             3-4 Leonides Orosa

             3-5 Mario Orosa    m. Jansel Villano
                 4-4-1 Nicole Fay Orosa

This list was provided by Elma Orosa Paraiso, the youngest daughter of Agaton Orosa. Our relationship to this relatively small branch is unknown. Since Gregorio Jr. just recently passed away, there would be 2 or 3 generations above Gregorio Sr. that is unaccounted for. It is also interesting to note that two of this clan, Jocelyn and my namesake Mario, live in the island of Basilan!!