Studio 5 Publishing is a multi-awarded publishing house committed to the production of high quality and world-class coffee table books on the Philippines. Founded in 1995 by Joe and Marily Orosa, the company is the consequence of the founders' deep appreciation for Philippine history and culture, and passionate love for beautifully-designed books. A sister company, Studio 5 Designs, is one of the pioneers and leaders in graphic design in the Philippines.

Among its more notable offerings are the Heritage Series, a collection of three coffee table books commemorating four major historic events, and the Presidential Edition of Visions of the Possible which features a revival of the technique and lost book art called fore-edge painting. Studio 5 Publications develops each one of its books with a passion that is manifested in the excellent prose of its highly regarded Filipino authors, and the carefully chosen images and visually appealing layout of its team of expert visualizers and book designers.