Joel & Bambi.jpg (134096 bytes)

The bride and groom, Rubylyn "Bambie" Benito and Joel Orosa Hilario. Dec. 8, 2003

Joel, Bambie, Sponsors 2.jpg (115433 bytes)

Joe & Bambie with 

Joel, Bambie, Hilarios.jpg (120397 bytes)Bridegroom's parents and family, left to right - Frankie, Cecile, Bea, Charito, Bambie, Joel, Joe & Jimmy.

Jimmy.jpg (122079 bytes)

Best man Jimmy
offers a toast.

Friend singing.jpg (112524 bytes)
Bride & groom's friend serenades the couple.

Bambie's mother, uncle.jpg (132893 bytes)
Bride's mother & uncle
offering congratulations.

Pepe, Charito 2.jpg (136088 bytes)

Groom's parents.

Joel & Bambi with mike.jpg (110550 bytes)
Groom responds
for the couple.

Charito, Tita, Mario 1.jpg (115834 bytes)
Siblings Tita Orosa Velez,
Mario & groom's mother
Charito Orosa Hilario.

Joel, Bambie, Mario.jpg (144073 bytes)
Bride & groom with sponsor Mario (uncle of Joel).

Frankie, Cecile, Bea 2.jpg (145883 bytes)
Groom's brother Frankie with 
wife Cecile and daughter Bea.

Family group.jpg (138973 bytes)

Some of groom's family.

Tita, Lourdes.jpg (135629 bytes)
Groom's aunts, Tita O. Velez and Lourdes C. Orosa.

Tess, Mel, Mike, Gy.jpg (158600 bytes)
Tess& Mel Orosa, Mike
Orosa & Gy.

Bessie, Michelle, Morris 1.jpg (102539 bytes)
Morris Orosa, Michelle Orosa and Bessie V. Davocol.

Frankie, Cecile, Bea.jpg (119210 bytes)

Groom's brother Frankie with wife Cecile and daughter Bea.

Doves in cage.jpg (214281 bytes)

Two white doves, waiting
their turn.

Releasing the doves.jpg (111695 bytes)
Releasing the white doves
from their cage.