July 2004 Update Pictures

National Artist for the Dance Leonor Orosa Goquingco
(seated), with sisters Rosalinda and Helen on the occasion
of the revival of Leonor's dance group Filipinescas.

Lola Justita Cabrera Orosa's
first visit to Canada

Lola Justita & her Filipino
Canadian Clan

Lola Justita with some of her
great grandchildren.

Lola Justita, Niagara River and Falls
in the background..

Evar Orosa on Taal Volcano with
the crater behind him. 82 years
young Evar rode a horse while
the rest of his family  hiked.

Mitoy & Elsa Orosa with their children on
Taal Volcano crater. According to Mitoy
the water is hot enough to boil an egg.

Mitoy & Elsa at Chocolate
Hills in Bohol.

Fermin "Mitoy" Orosa and wife
Elsa, Taal crater is behind them.

Mitoy & Elsa on the beach at
Panglao Island in Bohol.

Mitoy's sons Lorenzo & Gabriel checking
out the tarsier monkeys of  Bohol. The
tarsier is the smallest monkey in the world.