From the Philippine Star issue of April 24, 2005
Column written by Dero Pedero

Against All Odds

Lenore RS Lim is a renowned Filipina-Canadian artist who specializes in the delicate and demanding art of printmaking. Based in New York where she is a tenured teacher at the United Nations International School, she was the recipient of the highly prestigious Jackson Pollock/Lee Krasner Foundation grant. Other awards conferred on Lim include the 1998 Metropolitan Museum of Manila’s 12 Outstanding Filipino Artists Overseas, the Ma-Yi Theater Company’s Outstanding Art Award, and very recently, the greatly coveted Pamana ng Pilipino Award for outstanding Filipinos overseas presented in Malacañang. Lim has extensively exhibited in Canada, the US, Paris, Rome, Venice, Amman, Baghdad, and Vienna.

Ironically, Lim’s life decision to further her art came after she became ill with a life-threatening disease. At that epiphany, she resolved that her art is the legacy she wanted to leave behind. The miraculous thing was that she not only recovered from her illness but started to gain accolades as well.

Profound Afterglow: The Prints of Lenore RS Lim
is a well-produced book designed by Nik Ricio that traces the course of the artist’s life and work. It features a foreword by Agnes Gund, chairman and president emeritus of the Museum of Modern Art in New York, and an introduction by Paul Sharpe, director of the Paul Sharpe Contemporary Art Gallery in New York, which represents Lim. The book is available at the Heritage Library of the Ayala Museum.