Through the kindness of Dan Orosa (Dan & wife Lydia reside in San Diego), we received the pictures below of the historic house of Gliceria Marella. What is the Orosa connection to Gliceria and this house? Gliceria's widowed sister married Agaton Buno Orosa.  The sisters married cousins surnamed Villavicencio. For more information regarding the role of Gliceria and her family and her contribution to the Philippine revolution, please visit the following website. Gliceria Marella Villavicencio There is an interesting piece of information there which we didn't know before. The patriarch of the Bauan Orosas is Simplicio Agoncillo Orosa, who captained a ship named "Bulusan" during the revolution. It turns out that Gliceria donated this ship to the revolutionaries! 

This house, well over a century old, has been restored and exquisitely maintained. Gliceria's granddaughter Tita Monsie Villavicencio resides part time in this house.

Gliceria Marella Villavicencio copy.jpg (49940 bytes)

Gliceria Marella Villavicencio, sister of
Josefa Marella. Josefa was the first wife
of Agaton B. Orosa. This painting was
done by none other than Juan Luna.
Tita Monsie Villavicencio, Lydia Orosa opt.jpg (634380 bytes) Tita Monsie Villavicencio (standing) with
Lydia Orosa. Tita Monsie lives in this
historic Taal house part of the year.

Dining Room opt.jpg (548830 bytes)

Dining room

Parlor, piano opt.jpg (513145 bytes)

Parlor, with upright piano.

Living room, door to bedroom opt.jpg (552773 bytes)
Looking into the master bedroom

Bedroom 2, opt.jpg (143484 bytes)
Bedroom view

Bedroom 1, opt.jpg (512009 bytes)Note the four poster
bed and dresser

Down the Stairs opt.jpg (570087 bytes)
Down the stairs with
fancy balustrades.

Balconies, opt.jpg (144869 bytes)

 View of balconies.

marella house.jpg (103424 bytes) The Marella house pictured on a postcard.
I bought this card from National Bookstore
without knowing that I would be getting
pictures of the inside later.