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The Recipes of Maria Y. Orosa w Essays on Her Life and Work
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Other Material:
Letters of Maria, translated
April 4, 1918
Oct. 4, 1918
Oct. 4, 1918 to Ate Tia
Oct. 12, 1918
Dec. 26, 1918
Feb. 14, 1919
April 16, 1919
Aug. 19, 1919
Jan. 20, 1920
Feb. 8, 1920
July 21, 1920
April 8, 1929 postcard to Vicente
Undated transaction

Maria Y. Orosa to her mother Juliana Ylagan vda. de Orosa, 1918 - 1920 (original letters)

Maria Y. Orosa 60th Anniversary

Maria Y. Orosa 113th Birth Anniv.

Maria Y. Orosa, by Manila Bulletin  

Maria Y. Orosa, in Peace & War p1

Maria Y. Orosa, in Peace & War p2