A Paean for Toto
Biography of Vicente Y. Orosa
Reminiscences, Growing up in Manila
Reminiscences, Coming to America
Reminiscences, Work & Play
Reminiscences, Travel
The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
The Halcyon Days
The Pensionado Story

2011 ESSAYS:
Learning to Love Books
Baseball and Movies with Father
Maria Y. Orosa, Entrepreneur
Once Upon a Time in Bauan
You Name It
Halo-Halo, I Do I Do
A Time of Trial
A Long Way from Iba
Getting to Know the Orosa Clan
(by Milagros O. Aliling, translated by MEO)

2012 ESSAYS:
Shriners on Parade
Boksing Fan
Tales from the Web
Amigo the Movie
When in England
Kindness of Strangers
Behind the Pensionado Story
Encyclopaedia Britannica
Good Deeds
Guinea Pig
The Forgotten Men
NCAA Basketball

2013 ESSAYS:
Before Electronic Devices
Random Thoughts, Philippines 2013
Saying Goodbye, Filipino Style
A Tale of Two Brothers
Life with Phones
Rosario II
Oscar Green Gilbert Jr.
Yanks Among the Pinoys
The Macabebes
Fast Food and Panciterias
On Eyeglasses and Watches
Tagalog Quirks
Acquired Food Habits

Voyage of the Galleon
Bagyo aka Typhoon
The Year I Was Born

Filipino Holiday Celebrations

Actors and Beauty Contests

2014 ESSAYS:
Parangal kay Milagring
Randon Thoughts, Philippines 2014
Europeans in the Philippines
Art of the Balisong

Looking for Lechon
Booyah, Busha, Chickens and King Sobieski
An Amish Vegetable Stand
Typewriters Remembered
Random Thoughts from Spain

Goodbye to Milagring, Tita & Uncle Joe

2015 Essays

Poemas de Mi Madre
Random Thoughts from Poland

Igorot Ancestral Lands
Travel Vignettes
Pensionado Postcards

2016 Essays
Carlos "Caloy" Loyzaga
Searching the Internet
George Soule'

Of Nations and Olympians
Door County, WI
Our Camino
Return to Montserrat
Indy Racing Fan
Indy Racing Fan - Mike Tiernan
Of Cobblers, Tailors and Watchmakers

On the Matter of Taxes
Taxes Redux
Taxing Times, 2015
Tales of the Tax Man
Absurdum Est Vita Et Tributa

Latest Essays:
Maria Y. Orosa, Entrepreneur, Updated
What Lies in Those Boxes?
Not My Manila
Escobar Ancestral Land, A Short History
The Beginning of Suburbia
Looking for Mr. Haygood

NFL in Perspective
Good Deeds II
Lonn Taylor
The Last Days of Maria Y. Orosa
Musings from Manila
Doggerels from Manila
A Run on Toilet Paper
The Mango
Tagalog the Borrower
Eulogy for Rosario "Charito" Orosa Hilario
Memories of Apolinario N. "Naring" Orosa
Mario E. Orosa's Vignettes From His Early Years
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