New York Gathering

Foreword: Living not only halfway across the globe but also southern vs. northern hemispheres, sisters Cecille and Millete can't easily get together. During the Martin L. King Day weekend, they did so in New York City. And I was lucky enough to join them. Here are the pictorial results.

                                                   Cecille, Milette.jpg (33161 bytes) The objects of our affections, Cecille Orosa Drier and Milette Orosa Uy, daughters of the late Jose Y. Orosa, aka Tio Pepe.
Cecille, Mario.jpg (49766 bytes)Mario with Cecille. She and daughter Liana live in Monroe, NY an hour NW of New York City. mario, milette.jpg (51965 bytes)Mario with Milette. With husband Ernest and son Mark, home is Sydney, Australia. She and Ernest just married off their two daughters, Carissa and Melissa. Whew!
Cecille, Liana at home.jpg (38790 bytes)Cecille and daughter Liana at home. Val, Nadine, Cecille, Liana, 2.jpg (45844 bytes)Nadine (daughter of Mario), Val (Mrs. Mario), Cecille and Liana All at Rockefeller Center, 2.jpg (54339 bytes)The tourists in New York City. Cecille, Liana and Mark in front; Ernest, Milette, Val and Nadine in back.

cecille, liana, val.jpg (28380 bytes)Every family gathering starts out with food. Kumain ka na ba? Liana, Cecille and Val.

milette, mark, nadine.jpg (31193 bytes)Milette, Mark and Nadine. milette, nadine001.jpg (26178 bytes)Milette, Nadine and Ernest.
nadine, ernie.jpg (30593 bytes)Nadine, Ernest and Liana, who looks bored. mark, nadine.jpg (26182 bytes)Mark and Nadine All at Rockefeller Center.jpg (49087 bytes)The tourists back outside, haven't learned to stay out of the cold.
Nadine, Mark, Liana, ESB Lobby.jpg (65546 bytes)Mark and Liana are first cousins while Nadine is their second cousin. Empire State Bldg. lobby. Val, Nadine, Mark, top of ESB.jpg (80028 bytes)At the observation deck of the Empire State. All in Empire State Lobby.jpg (49735 bytes)At the lobby of the Empire State Building.
All, dinner at Pongsri.jpg (67972 bytes)Another day, another dinner. Besides we are hungry from walking around in the cold. Partly obscured behind Nadine is her New York friend Mike Berkowitz. Uys, Cecille, Liana at Pongsri.jpg (57448 bytes)Liana, Cecille, Mark, Milette and Ernest. Manhattan skyline, Chrsyler Bldg.jpg (99338 bytes)What would Manhattan be without its skyline?