Nicolas Y. Orosa Family Get Together
Last Oct. (2004), Nicolas Q. Orosa Jr. visited New Jersey. Nic, some of his children and a few of the children of Ricardo Q. Orosa got together at the home of Luis & Nette (Laura) Mendez in New Jersey. Nette is the daughter of Ricardo. Marissa Orosa Tinitigan came all the way from Las Vegas, Ricardo "Jun" Orosa was visiting from Sydney (that's Australia), and Resa (Theresa) & Ben Kordestani from Virginia. Nadine Orosa (daughter of webmaster Mario Orosa), didn't have to go very far, since she lives in Manhattan.

                                                        Sashi Mendez, Resa Orosa  
                                                     Kordestani, and Nadine Orosa

Marissa Orosa Tinitigan, Tootsie Lozano
Orosa, Sashi Mendez, Nadine Orosa,
Resa Orosa Kordestani, Mylene
Mitra Orosa (wife of Young) and
Nette Orosa Mendez

Nadine Orosa, Resa Orosa Kordestani, Tootsie
Lozano Orosa (wife of Victor Orosa)


Luigi & Nette Orosa Mendez, Resa Orosa
Kordestani & Nic Q. Orosa Jr.
Calvin, Victor Orosa, Jamil, Jun (Ricardo Jr.), Ben
Kordestani, Nic Jr., Young Orosa.
Front: Luigi Mendez & Stephen Orosa

Resa Orosa Kordestani
& her dad Nicolas Q. Orosa Jr.

Jamil & Calvin Orosa

Michael Mendez & Calvin Orosa