Thanks to cousins Naring (Apolinario N. Orosa) & Joey (Jose C. Orosa Jr.)  and my sister Charito (Rosario Orosa Hilario) I was able to get my hands on some old pictures that date back perhaps to around 1900 or even earlier. Here are just a few of them.

Lola Kanang, young, closeup 2.jpg (81859 bytes)Juliana de Castro Ylagan, wife of Simplicio Orosa, later to be renowned as Lola Kanang. This is her earliest known photograph, may have been taken around 1900 or before

Lola Kanang, young formal, 2.jpg (233089 bytes)

Formal portrait of Juliana Ylagan, date unknown but could've been before 1900.

Rosario high school.jpg (113424 bytes)My mother, Rosario Escobar, in the
center, taken
around 1916.

Vicente 1910's era.jpg (107252 bytes)The young Vicente Y. Orosa on the right, fresh from his studies in the United States. 
He finished in 1911.

Vicente and Rosario in 1918.JPG (67909 bytes)1918: Vicente, standing on the right and Rosario, seated in the center, seem to have discovered each other. They were married that year. Maria and Jose, 1919.jpg (181192 bytes)
Sister and brother act. Maria and Jose in Seattle, Washington in 1919. They were attending the University of Washington in Seattle.
Young Simplicia, Doroteo.jpg (243240 bytes)

Simplicia Y. Orosa and her husband Doroteo Ylagan, 
"Manong Tiong"

Simplica, Doroteo, Felisa, Rosario.jpg (110136 bytes)
Simplicia, Doroteo, Rosario 
and Felisa.

Jose and Salud wedding.JPG (132727 bytes)
Wedding photograph of Jose Y. Orosa and his bride Salud Ponce in 1928. Salud passed away prematurely without any children. Jose later remarried and had 4 children.
Corazon Orosa Ylagan as a girl.jpg (64651 bytes)

Corazon Orosa Ylagan as a young girl. She is the daughter of Simplicia and Doroteo. She was born in 1915.

Mama, Tia Lauring, 2.jpg (77846 bytes)In the center is Laura Quino Orosa, wife of Nicolas, on the right
is Rosario E. Orosa

Clemen recital.jpg (105943 bytes)Piano recital of Clemen 
Orosa Ylagan in 1939. 
Clemen now lives in
West Triangle, QC.

Dr. Cesar Ilagan, officer tn.jpg (98499 bytes)Cesar Orosa Ilagan, medical doctor and army officer in 1941. Escaped from Bataan and later became the personal physician of Tyrone Power, star of the movie "American Guerilla in the Philippines."

              angelina e. orosa, 1941.jpg (92085 bytes)            
Angelina "Tita" E. Orosa 
in 1941, before her 20th 
birthday. Tita lives with 
her husband Manuel "Manolo" 
Velez in Brisbane, Australia.

Clemen wedding.jpg (127468 bytes)
Clementina O. Ylagan and Guillermo Villarosa on 
their wedding 
in 1948.

Maria_Y._Orosa_Hall_dedication.jpg (116107 bytes)
Dedication of Maria Y. Orosa Hall at Balara water plant, 1948

Maria_US_Red_Cross_Medal.JPG (92323 bytes)American Red Cross Service medal awarded to Maria Y. Orosa posthumously. Lola_MOTY_w_children_2.JPG (109257 bytes)Juliana Ylagan Orosa receives the Mother of the Year Award from the National Federation of Women's Clubs in 1948. Standing left to right are Rafael, Sixto, Simplicia, Jose, Felisa and Vicente. Nicolas is obscured, behind Simplicia.

Victorio_Orosa__young.jpg (32690 bytes)Victorio Orosa of
Cabusao, Camarines Sur.
We do not know if the Orosas of Cabusao are related to the Orosas of Taal. He is the same generation as Simplicia, Vicente, Sixto, etc.  
He passed away  
in the 1980's

reinterring_of_lola_kanang.jpg (270409 bytes)Re-internment of Juliana Y. Orosa in Bauan. The elders ranks are beginning to thin. From left are Laura (Tia Lauring, Mrs. Nicolas), Rafael, Nicolas, Felisa, Simplicia, Sixto, Vicente, Severina (Tia Binay, Mrs. Sixto) and Fabiana (Tia Bianang, Mrs. Rafael)