More Oldies: These are the earliest known photographs of the children of Simplicio & Juliana Orosa.

Vicente teen picture 2.jpg (156958 bytes)

Vicente Y. Orosa at 17, during his first year in the United States, 1906-07
Sixto Y. Orosa young.jpg (104714 bytes)

Sixto Y. Orosa, the young physician taken in the early 1910's
Jose Y. Orosa young.jpg (151541 bytes)

Jose Y. Orosa as a teenager, before he left for the United States in 1919

Rafael, Jose, Nicolas boys 2.jpg (120109 bytes)
The brothers Rafael, Jose & Nicolas, taken in the mid-1910's

Jose, Felisa, Vicente.jpg (144385 bytes)

 Siblings Jose, Felisa and Vicente

Maria Y. Orosa in Seattle.jpg (139168 bytes)


   Maria Y. Orosa in Seattle in 1918

Maria, Jose & Friend, Seattle.jpg (164028 bytes)

Maria and Jose with an unidentified friend. Taken in Seattle either 1919 or 1920.
Illini Soccer Team 1.jpg (166891 bytes)He didn't look it in later life but Vicente was a collegiate athlete who played for the University of Illinois soccer team. He is standing on the left. Homecoming party.jpg (139727 bytes)Vicente partied too, this is the Homecoming party in 1911. He is sitting on the right with a white hat.
1911 Graduation 1.jpg (156115 bytes)
          Graduation at the University
                 of Illinois in June 1911.

Roadbuilding 2.jpg (120060 bytes)
Later in 1911, Vicente came 
home to start work as a 
provincial engineer building 
roads all over Luzon.

Roadbuilding 3.jpg (113630 bytes)
   Roads had to be cut from jungles.
Zigzag road.jpg (144230 bytes)

This is the well known zig-zag road in the Mountain Province. Vicente surveyed those roads.
Surveying Team.jpg (139597 bytes)
Vicente's surveying team. He is standing 3rd from the left.
VYO on horseback.jpg (215635 bytes)

Engineer Vicente at work. Sometimes the only way to
get there was by horseback.
Deerhunting 1.jpg (143512 bytes)

Vicente had time to go hunting, maybe that's how they got their protein.

Deerhunting 2.jpg (127785 bytes)Looks like a good day's hunt. The animal in the middle appears to 
be a baboy damo or boar.

Deerhunting 3.jpg (115913 bytes)

Another hunting party.

Swimming.jpg (123620 bytes)

There was time to relax, swimming in some river. Look at the modest swim wear.

Sitting with colleagues.jpg (164010 bytes)

Vicente sitting on the left with some colleagues.
Sitting on house steps.jpg (148619 bytes)

Was this his first house in Zambales or perhaps Nueva Ecija? Pretty humble start. 

Bowling team 2.jpg (111451 bytes)
Another relaxing pursuit
of Vicente - bowling.

American official & Moros, 1922.jpg (139211 bytes)During his early career as a government physician, Dr. Sixto Orosa was assigned to Jolo. Picture shows American officials talking with Muslim chief.

Nicolas & Laura.jpg (166568 bytes)

   The young attorney Nicolas Y. Orosa and wife Laura Quino.

Nicolas, Laura, Viring, Carding, Jr.jpg (137222 bytes)

Nicolas and Laura and their young family - Virginia, Ricardo and Nicolas Jr.
Rafael,, Fabiana, baby Naring.jpg (134836 bytes)

Rafael Y. Orosa, his wife Fabiana Naguit and first born Apolinario (Naring), probably around 1929.

Doroteo & Simplicia young family 2.jpg (186274 bytes)

Simplicia Orosa, husband Doroteo and their three eldest children - Cesar, Corazon and Carmelo.

Maria Y. Orosa Trainees 2.jpg (329689 bytes)Maria Y. Orosa, seated at the center, and the "Orosa Girls" whom she trained at the Bureau of Foods.

Toto High School Portrait.jpg (119182 bytes)

Augusto E. Orosa, eldest son 
of Vicente on his high school graduation, 1937.

Fely graduation.jpg (136796 bytes)

Felisa Orosa Ylagan flanked
by her parents Dr. Vicente
Ylagan and Felisa.

Viring, young.jpg (134266 bytes)

Beauty queen Virginia Quino 
Orosa, daughter of Nicolas
and Laura.

Alice N. Orosa.jpg (162498 bytes)

Alice N. Orosa, daughter of Rafael. Another beauty queen! Now retired with husband Roland near Sacramento, CA with nine grandchildren.

Charito debut.jpg (129455 bytes)

Rosario "Charito" Orosa
during her debut in1952. She
just turned 70 (Oct. 2004)
and welcomed grandchild #3.

Tia Piciang Clan.jpg (145253 bytes)The family of Simplicia Orosa and Doroteo Ylagan. Since Doroteo
is not in the picture, the date is
1965 or later since Doroteo
passed away in 1964.

Nicolas Y. Orosa & Family in mid 1950's. L to R standing: Ricardo (Carding) holding son Ramon, Nicolas Jr., Laura, Nicolas Sr., Virginia (Viring)O. Gray Isidro (Sonny) held by Rafael Gray & Conrado (Nonoy). Front: Senen, Tito, Carmen (Menchu) Gray & Cesar.