VYO 1911 grad pix.jpg (8359 bytes)Vicente Y. Orosa's graduation picture from the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana in June 1911.

vyo & aguinaldo tn.jpg (43598 bytes)Vicente Orosa with Emilio Aguinaldo, the man who proclaimed the Republic of the Philippines on June 12, 1898.

Our Family 1931 tn.jpg (76296 bytes) Vicente & Rosario Orosa's family in the late 1920' - children Augusto, Angelina and Vicente Jr. Commencement, p2 new.jpg (115512 bytes) Commencement program at the Univ. of Washington in Seattle, June 1918. Maria Y. Orosa received her degree as Pharmaceutical Chemist.

Dedication of Maria Y. Orosa St. in Malate, 1966. Antonio Villegas, the then Mayor of Manila, is the tall man dressed in barong.

1950's dinner.jpg (185362 bytes) Unknown gathering sometime in the 50's. That's me (Mario Orosa) on the left, then Manolo Velez, Dado Ilagan, Elena Ilagan and Vicente Orosa.
VYO Table 1950's Reunion tn.jpg (40005 bytes) Family dinner, Alice Orosa Tigno, who lives in San Jose, CA, is on the right. Her mother Fabiana Nuguit Orosa in on the left. VYO w Macapagal tn.jpg (107722 bytes)
Vicente with Pres. Diosdado Macapagal. He is Gloria's dad.
Edwin baptism with ninong Villarosa.jpg (18481 bytes) Baptism of Edwin O. Velez  50 years ago. Ninong "Emong" Villarosa is on the left, Mom "Tita" Orosa Velez is holding Edwin. Don't know the lady on the right. Edwin baptism_ group.jpg (33478 bytes) Gathering for Edwin's baptism. "Manong Tiong" Ylagan is standing on the right with his omnipresent cigar.
arsenia_jose.jpg (66509 bytes) OK,OK, they are not relatives. But that's Jose Padilla Jr. and his wife Arsenia Francisco, who were the top movie couple of the 40's and 50's. Their daughter Joena married a grandson (Enrico O. Velez) of Vicente Orosa. Tio Pepe, Milette.jpg (136732 bytes)

Jose Y. "Pepe" Orosa and his eldest, Marie "Milette" Orosa Uy. Tio Pepe is holding his pipe, I never saw him without it.
Victorio_Orosa_in_suit.jpg (158048 bytes) 

Victorio Orosa of Cabusao, Camarines Sur as a young man. He passed away in the early 80's at the age of 83. He is the grandfather of Ka Dan Orosa.
farmacia orosa.jpg (20528 bytes)Calaoag, Quezon - the pharmacy of Felisa Orosa Ylagan, the second pharmacist in the family. The building is also the office of her husband Dr. Vicente Ylagan. He is the man in white shirt, third from the right, with Felisa on his right.
 Pinoy dudes, early 1900's.jpg (99327 bytes)                         Who knows who these guys are but found this picture in the University of Washington files of Maria Y. Orosa. My guess is that they were students.  Mama, Tia Lauring, Viring.jpg (108002 bytes) Standing on the right is Laura Quinio Orosa (wife of Nicolas) middle is Rosario (wife of Vicente.) The little girl on the right is none other than Virginia or Viring O. Grey. Woman and child on the left are unidentified.