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Film on Ottoman killings of Armenians to be shown in Turkey                                                               Composer of "Il Postino" score says he will fight plagiarism finding                                                               Ben Affleck reveals a real fascination with the Middle East                                                               "Cold Mountain" leads Golden Globe nominations                                                               ABS-CBN places its bets on a pretty young thing                                                              
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A funny sob story
It’s hard to imagine Sharon Cuneta pla-ying a hustler and ex-convict but the actress does throw away the baggage that comes with being a megastar and plunges herself into the lead role in Mark Meilly’s Crying Ladies.
The Homecoming
The Homecoming is set in a small town, where many of the townsfolk aspire to seek a better life. It’s a struggle to make such dreams a reality and the struggle often ends in tragedy.
Culture vultures
This French production, directed by Chinese writer/filmmaker Sijie Dai, is an amusing, charming and ultimately poignant love story set during the Chinese Cultural Revolution in the early seventies.
Human truths in pulp fiction
Dennis Lehane's best-selling 2001 novel Mystic River wanted very, very much to be a Shakespearean tragedy sat on the mean streets of South Boston, and it ultimately succeeded almost in spite of those ambitions.
Elf esteem
Does the name Will Ferrell say "holiday cheer?" Does it evoke Eskimo kisses and unspiked eggnog? Or a fervid belief in Santa, Christmas carols, and hugs? No, but Elf does.
Babies in the wild
Nickelodeon Studios puts together two of its top-rated television shows in one great adventure movie.
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Director Peter Jackson brings closure to The Lord of the Rings epic
As he ambles into a room at the posh Four Seasons hotel in Los Angeles, Peter Jackson yawns repeatedly and then tugs at his beard before settling back into a comfy chair...
Hobbits and ringwraiths run roughshod over North American box office
The fantasy film of the year, "The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King," posted a new cinematic record by raking in 124.1 million dollars in its first five days.
Seven films to vie for special effects Oscar
Seven movies are competing for nominations for the visual effects Oscar, including "The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King" and "Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World."
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Heroes in capes and tights
Bong Revilla, Jr. says he had fun playing the title role in Captain Barbell, though doing some of the scenes was at times a trial, especially when he was in costume.
Different movies genres at MMFF
The nine entries in the forthcoming MMFF happily belong to varying genres, thus giving moviegoers somehow a wide choice.
Demi Moore inspires Ara Mina to play a villainess
Ara Mina gets to play her dream role as a movie villainess in the new fantasy action movie Fantastic Man.
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Holiday Cheer!
Everyone's raving about The Lord of the Rings, The Return of the King! This is one movie everyone's been waiting for!
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Mystic River
Rugrats Go Wild
Good Boy
Intolerable Cruelty
Mga Babae Sa Breakwater
The Last Samurai
The Lord Of The Rings: The Return Of The King
School of Rock
Lost In Translation
Cat In The Hat
Kill Bill
What MMFF movie are you waiting for?
Captain Barbell
Crying Ladies
Mano Po 2

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