Note: I am not absolutely sure of some of the dates. Not all pictures had dates written on them.

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1949 at Vicente & Rosario 1 tn.jpg (117662 bytes)1950 at Vicente & Rosario's home on Aviles St. in Manila. During the 40's and 50's it was customary to have the reunions at the homes of the seven brothers and sisters. 

1949 at Vicente & Rosario 2 tn.jpg (135036 bytes)1950 The cost of each  reunion was borne out by whoever among the brothers and sisters hosted the event. Thus, 
each had their turn every seven years. (Maria passed away 
in 1945 during the liberation of Manila.)

Lola Kanang Pamasko 1949 tn.jpg (101473 bytes)1950 During reunions, Lola Kanang presented all the grandchildren and the then few great grandchildren with her "Pamasko" or Christmas present of freshly minted 100% silver peso coins. If we had held on to ours, it would be worth a lot more today.        

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1952 at Tio Pepe tn.jpg (87141 bytes)
1952 at Jose and Amparo's home on Kanlaon St. 
in the then far suburb of Quezon City. 

1953 at Tio Atsing & Tia Lauring tn.jpg (120097 bytes)1953 at Nicolas and Laura's home on 
Buencamino St. in Manila

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Reunion 5.jpg (126840 bytes)1950's

Reunion.jpg (162399 bytes)1950's

1950's, no youngsters tn.jpg (53845 bytes)Sometime in the 1950's. But where are the small fry 
or "bangaw" as the older cousins used to call anyone
below fifteen.
Lola Kanang Birthday 50's tn.jpg (108580 bytes)Sometime in the early 50's during a birthday dinner for 
Lola Kanang. Her favorite restaurant for this occasion was usually a "panciteria" in Manila. The name Panciteria Moderna somehow rings a bell.

Reunion 1958.jpg (149210 bytes)1958 at the old Club Filipino. The first reunion after
Lola passed away in August of 1958.

Ray, Tito, Mario Dec. 59.jpg (46553 bytes)Dec. 1959; some of the younger cousins (not so young 
anymore in 2003) - Ray, Charito & new husband 
Pepe Hilario, Mario, Tito.

Reunion 1961.jpg (123724 bytes)1961

Reunion kids pila.jpg (154675 bytes)After Lola passed away, there were no more silver coins passed around. Here, Tia Piciang is passing out peso currency to the children.

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1963  Vicente & Rosario tn.jpg (84701 bytes) 1963 by Vicente & Rosario. By the 1960's the clan had become too large and reunions were held at restaurants or hotels. One of the favorites was Selecta on Dewey Blvd which was owned by a fellow Batangueno. 

1965 Tia Fely & Tio Inte tn.jpg (113482 bytes)1965 hosted by Felisa and 
Vicente (Ylagan)

1966 Tia Amparing tn.jpg (145428 bytes)1966 hosted by Amparo (widow of Jose Y.) 
at the Katipunan Gardens.