Ricardo Q. Orosa Family 2004 Christmas Party in Sydney, Australia: And a good time was had by all.
There are several pictures at the bottom which were taken earlier.

Pater familias Ricardo Q. "Carding"
Orosa starts the festivities. Carding,
Kinu, Monica, Bex (Rebecca Orosa
Vadney), Calvin & Ade.
Carding, Monica, Kinu & Calvin.
Looks like Santa Carding is
reading a proclamation.

Carding still reading his proclamation.

Leli (nanny), Calvin, Abi, Kinu, Bex
& Kaz Orosa, Lia Latifah (sister of
Ira), Ira & Jamil Orosa

Nida & Carding Orosa,
Calvin & Ade.

Ade Orosa & Cassandra
Romero Eschmann

Jodi Prieto, Leah Orosa, Monica
Gutierrez & Calvin Orosa

Teenagers! Kinu, Calvin,
Kaz & Jamil Orosa

Adelaida "Ade" Caparas

Abigail Orosa, youngest
daughter of Carding & Ade

Cassandra Romero

Ed Marquez & Boris Eschmann,
husband of Cassandra

Monica & mom Maite
Gutierrez Orosa

Jamil Ali Orosa; what's he doing?

Calvin Ali Orosa's
graduation picture

Calvin with friend and
dance partner Sage.

Calvin & Kinu Orosa. Aren't
these dudes sharp?

The big boys are going to a dance.
Jamil doesn't want to be left out.