Orosa Nominated as International Woman of the Year 2000

In a letter to Rosalinda L. Orosa (AA'46 w/honors; PhB'48), Nicolas Law, director general of the International Biographical Center (OBC) of Cambridge, England, confirmed Orosa's nomination as International Woman of the Year for 2000-2001.


Adds Mr. Law: "This prestigious award is made available to only a few illustrious individuals whose achievements and leadership stand out in the international community. Congratulations on being one of these so nominated."


The Philippine Star's late founding chairman Betty Go Belmonte expressly invited Orosa to join the paper because her critiques and cultural essays in the Chronicle, Daily Express, Times and other publications here and abroad have made her name synonymous with the cultural scene for nearly five decades.


Her international awards include the German Officer's Cross of Merit for her "extraordinary gifts and achievements and outstanding merits," the French Officer dans l'Ordre de Arts et des Lettres, the UN Decade of Culture Award, a Canadian citation, the Premio Zobel. She was the lone Asian awardee in Mexico's first F. Zarco International Competition (1968) among over 400 leading journalists from five continents.


Some of Orosa's critiques and essays have been translated into German, Chinese and Spanish and published in India, Korea, Thailand, Japan, Mexico and Germany. She has been quoted alongside critics of the NY Times, London Times, NY Post, cited by the Milwaukee Journal, the UPI, API and the US State Department.


The late eminent composer-conductor Maestro Federico Elizalde described her in his radio program (1975) as "a formidable critic comparable to anyone in the world." After a visit to Manila in 1973, Henry Popkin, NYU professor and London Times theater correspondent, wrote Orosa: "I find nothing to add to your critiques."


Reprinted from the Philippine Star, 5/17/2000