Maria Buno Orosa 1.jpg (135774 bytes)
Maria Buo, wife of Basilio Orosa and mother of Agaton

Agaton Orosa Mayor portrait.jpg (119612 bytes)
Agaton Buo Orosa (1872-1950), the fabled gentleman of Taal, married four times, father of eight and Mayor of Taal. Official portrait at Taal City Hall.

Agaton House 2.jpg (134151 bytes)
The house of Agaton today. The house is empty but is in fairly good condition.

 Agaton House 3.jpg (170970 bytes)

                        Another view of 
                         Agaton's house

Agaton Orosa house furniture.jpg (171329 bytes)Antique furniture in
Agaton's house

Agaton bathtub.jpg (103584 bytes)

Agaton's ceramic bathtub

Taal Seal.jpg (147939 bytes)

Seal of the town of Taal

Basilio House 3.jpg (149041 bytes)

Basilio Orosa's house in Taal, across from the Basilica. It was sold many years ago.

Clay pots.jpg (118968 bytes)
Clay pots from archeological digs displayed in Basilio's house.

Marcella Agoncillio statue 2.jpg (188303 bytes)

Statue of Marcella Marino Agoncillo; she made the
first Philippine Flag.

Taal Basilica from Basilio house.jpg (131801 bytes)

Taal Basilica as seen from the second floor of Basilio's house.

Taal Plaza.jpg (148330 bytes)Long distance view of Basilio's house, taken from the Basilica.


Basilio's house in Taal, closeup (Acrobat file)