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". . .We are dazed, and we ask: 'What happened?' What made three million men, women, and youngsters from all walks of life converge at EDSA, completely unarmed, except for religious statues and rosaries? And what gave them the generosity and the valor to turn themselves in human barricades?"

Fr. Francisco J. Araneta

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Name: Marc Orosa
Location: Quezon City, Philippines
Website Researcher and Writer

Folks around here call me Marc. My whole name is Marc Gabriel Hizon Orosa and Iím 20 years old. I function as the main writer and resource person for this shindig.

What do I do? When Jasonís not bugging me or anything, I write and illustrate my two comics series Sanctus and Alpha Supreme. When Iím not doing that, Iím probably playing guitar or banging on the drums in my den. I take Tae Kwon Do from my father. Sometimes, I write for and illustrate some articles for our class newsletter, the Ateneo Inside. Other than that? I just enjoy hanging out with my friends.

Oh yeah, I study too (almost forgot about that). Iím a freshman at the Ateneo de Manila University (just like Jason) and used to be the president of its peer counseling group in high school (not like Jason). I'm taking Psychology right now, probably because I have this knack in getting inside people's heads.

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