Dr. Sixto, young officer.jpg (30971 bytes)

Dr. Sixto Y. Orosa Sr. in his medical service uniform, perhaps taken before 1920.

Dr. Sixto, young.jpg (35689 bytes)

The young physician, probably taken in the 1920's.

Dr. Sixto family 1920.jpg (42594 bytes)
The physician couple Dr. Severina Luna and Dr. Sixto Orosa and their three older children Sixto Jr., Leonor and Helen. Photo from 1919 or thereabouts. 
Dr. Sixto Children.jpg (47187 bytes)
The five children of Sixto & Severina - Leonor, Helen, Rosalinda, Jose and Sixto Jr. (in the back.) Probably from late 1920's.
Sixto Jr., Edita wedding.jpg (39245 bytes)
Wedding of Sixto L. Orosa Jr. and Edita de Santos, Aug. 11, 1937.
Ting, Edita, early.JPG (34120 bytes)Edita & Sixto L. Orosa Jr. in their early married years.
Abuelita.JPG (43346 bytes)
Emiliana Y. Trinidad de Santos, mother of Edita de Santos Orosa. Everyone called her "Abuelita ."
4 generations.JPG (61794 bytes)

Four generations on the maternal side. Diding, Abuelita de Santos, Edita and Melanie (sitting.)

Ting Orosa.jpg (30397 bytes) 

Ting Orosa the eminent banker, founder of Philippine Commercial & Industrial Bank.

Ting children.JPG (43318 bytes)The five children of Eding & Ting Orosa. Seated - the late Roberto (Titoy,) Maria Socorro (Yoying,) Maria Christina (Diding,) Ramon (Ray.) Standing - Jose (Joe) and Sixto III (Coy.) Ting, Edita, grandchildren.JPG (51818 bytes)Grandchildren of Ting and Eding taken on their Golden Wedding Anniversary in 1987. Front row - Eugen, Patrick, Dara, Ting, Danielle, Eding, Jayjay, Joey, Ross. Standing - Veronica, Katrina, Jocelyn, Gigi, Martha, Melanie, Marissa, Liza, Dominique, Leah, Denice. Joe, Yoying, Diding, etc..JPG (42949 bytes)Yoying & Diding's birthday party, October 2002. From left, Margarita (Gigi,) husband Cornelio Villareal III, Marily & Joe, Diding, Annie, Yoying. Gigi is the daughter of Joe. Annie is the wife of Sixto III.
Marily and Joe Orosa (playing the bongo).JPG (44468 bytes)

Marily & Joe S. Orosa

Diding, hula lady, Joe, Yoying.JPG (61047 bytes)Diding, Dulce Guzman, Joe and Yoying. Titoy S. Orosa.JPG (43713 bytes)

The late Titoy Orosa and wife May.

Sixto IV family 1.JPG (42094 bytes)Sixto Orosa IV with his mother, Anneliese Zink Orosa and two of his boys, Martin and Alexander. Sixto III children.JPG (91178 bytes)Sixto Orosa IV with sisters Annaleah (Leah) and Annedithe. Sixto IV family 2.JPG (39528 bytes)Sixto IV with his mom, wife Christine Lapus and son.
Marissa family.JPG (82414 bytes)Maria Luisa (Marissa) Orosa (daughter of Joe,) husband Jose Concepcion III and their children, Christian, Margarita, Catherine, Monica. Leah, daughters.JPG (34224 bytes)

Leah Orosa Garcia and her daughters, Alyanna and  Camille .

Leah daughter.jpg (33220 bytes)

     Alyanna Orosa Garcia

Yoying guitar 2.JPG (33405 bytes)

Yoying entertaining at her own birthday.

Yoying cymbals.JPG (32831 bytes)

This time she is playing cymbals.

Yoying, Diding cake.JPG (62706 bytes)

Yoying and Diding with their birthday cake. Where are the candles? They would light up the room!

Dara, Yoying.JPG (41756 bytes)

     Yoying and her son
     Dara Fahy.

Gigi, husband.JPG (42399 bytes)

Gigi Orosa and husband Cornelio Villareal III.

Gigi, Annie, George.JPG (50799 bytes)From left - Gigi, Annie and George Ilagan (grandson of Simplicia Orosa.)
Gigi, Joe, Diding.JPG (45119 bytes)Gigi O. Villareal with dad Joe and auntie Diding.


Dara, Ross.JPG (27495 bytes)Dara Fahy and Ross Naylor.  Ross is Diding's Orosa's son. Peter Reardon.JPG (40564 bytes)

Peter Reardon, Diding's one and only.

Lynnhaven fishouse 1.JPG (49214 bytes)Visit to Virginia Beach, March 2003 - Peter &  Diding with Val & Mario Orosa (your chronicler.) Tito Jorge, Mario, Diding, Elizabeth.JPG (50759 bytes)Visit to Virginia Beach, March 2003 - Dr. Jorge de Santos (brother of  Edita Orosa,) Mario, Diding and Mrs. Elizabeth de Santos. Dr. Jorge is 91 years young. Marily.JPG (40817 bytes)Marily Orosa, wife of Joe.