Tribute to Agaton Orosa

Tribute to Agaton B. Orosa
Program, April 30, 1994
(delivered by Milagring Orosa Aliling)
Heritage Bldg.jpg (56865 bytes)Heritage Building in Taal's main square where the program was held. Speaker.jpg (58295 bytes)
M.C. welcomes the crowd.

Speaker 2.jpg (58030 bytes)The Program M.C.

Milagring.jpg (75370 bytes)Milagring O. Aliling delivering her valedictory for
Agaton B. Orosa

Milagring closeup at podium.jpg (74056 bytes)


Audience 1.jpg (68560 bytes)


Audience 2.jpg (61796 bytes)

Front row dignitaries

Audience 3.jpg (64714 bytes)

Choral group conductor

Chorus.jpg (58013 bytes)
Choral group

Maria Hedy.jpg (72426 bytes)
Maria Hedy Orosa, a great granddaughter of Agaton

Domingo Landicho.jpg (103706 bytes)
       Poet Domingo Landicho who
             wrote a poem in Tagalog
      extolling the virtues of Agaton.

Buffet line.jpg (72618 bytes)

Buffet  line