Lola, Vicente Family.jpg (137806 bytes)

1948 - Vicente Orosa's Family with matriach Juliana Ylagan Orosa, aka Lola Kanang.


VYO Family, 1956 with Lola.jpg (161771 bytes)

1956 - The family has grown

Charito & Mama.jpg (124065 bytes)
June 1, 1968 - Vicente & Rosario celebrate their 50th wedding. Charito with Mama.

Mama, Charito, Lourdes.jpg (181554 bytes)
Lourdes (Mrs. Augusto)
& Charito with Mama.

Tita fixing Mama's hair.jpg (146032 bytes)

Tita & Mama.

Renewing vows 2.jpg (158872 bytes)
Mgsr. Byrne, Bishop
of Zambales, presides
during renewal of vows.

Renewing vows.jpg (153726 bytes)
With their sponsors - Justice Pablo on the left and eldest sister Simplicia to the right of Mama.


Reception, Mgsr. Byrne.jpg (158171 bytes)

Reception, Mgsr. Byrne

Wedding party.jpg (160100 bytes)Family Picture - Mario & his family are missing, they are
back in Ohio. Mario Jr. had
just been born.

Toto & Lou.jpg (200480 bytes)

Augusto (aka Toto)
and Lourdes


Mama, Daddy, Jing.jpg (191888 bytes)

with Vicente Jr.

Mama & Daddy at home.jpg (221711 bytes)

Vicente & Rosario at home
after the reception.

60th Anniversary cutting cake.jpg (113814 bytes)
1978 - Vicente & Rosario celebrate
their 60th anniversary, cutting 
anniversary cake.

60th Anniversary kiss.jpg (119591 bytes)
1978 - 60th anniversary kiss

Dec. 2003; Vicente Grandchildren 2.jpg (131422 bytes)The grandchildren of Vicente & Rosario. Seated - 
Linda O. Velez, Mike C. Orosa, Rico O. Velez, 
Jimmy O. Hilario, Noel O. Velez. Standing - Ellen V. 
Adoptante, Bessie V. Davocol, Morris C. Orosa, 
Frankie O. Hilario, Joel O. Hilario, Mel C. Orosa. 
Not pictured are Edwin O. Velez, Dondi O. Hilario, Amy 
Janicke, Nadine Orosa & Mario V. Orosa (last 3 are children of Mario E).

Vicente Greatgrandchildren 1.jpg (138217 bytes)Dec. 2003; The great grandchildren of Vicente & Rosario. Seated - Arriza & Nico Adoptante, Bea Hilario. Standing - Michelle Orosa, Sanndra Orosa, Martin Orosa, Kenneth Orosa, Buddhjie Manique, Sunshine & baby Aiesha Ilaga, Lauro Orosa. Not pictured  are Syril & TJ Davocol, Kristina Velez, Janis Foley, Leela Velez, Austin Hilario and the grandchildren of Mario E. - Dasha, Payton, Ashton and great grandson Daylon. 

Tita, Pepe, Charito, Lou, Mario.jpg (134776 bytes)

Seated - Charito, Tita & Lourdes. Standing - Pepe
Hilario & Mario.

Aiesha Ilaga.jpg (82385 bytes)
Vicente & Rosario's great great granddaughter Aiesha Ilaga. Her birth date and that of Vicente are separated by 113 years.

Charito, Tita, Mario 1.jpg (115834 bytes)
Vicente & Rosario's surviving children - 
Tita (82), Mario (64) and Charito (69).


Christmas 03 at Mel opt.jpg (184898 bytes)

Dec. 25, 2003 get together at Mel & Tess Orosa.