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Yaletown House Tour - Welcome

Hello and welcome to Yaletown House! My name is Yoying Orosa (pronounced yo-YING) and I am the Manager, Resident and Family Services. Every second Wednesday at 3 pm I conduct a tour of the facility to assist you in learning about the services we provide in the community. During the tour I am happy to answer specific questions you may have about your family members admission to Yaletown House. You can also find out more information on admission criteria, rent and how to get your name on the waitlist available by clicking here: Admission

To join me for a future tour I invite you to contact Bonnie our Receptionist at 604 689-0022, extension 300, for the next tour date. If you would like to find out a little more about Yaletown House sooner, there is a tour starting right now.

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