Bauan High School has two great traditions, the Sining Kumintang and the Parulan Festival. Here are just a few photographs from our visit.

Sining Kumintang poster.jpg (84441 bytes)

Poster of the Sining Kumintang dance group of Bauan High School
Sining Kumintang 1.jpg (123046 bytes)Some of the students who aspire to be members of the Sining. They presented a program on Dec. 6, 2003 Parulan 1sr prize.jpg (207136 bytes)

First Prize Winner,
Parulan Festival
made of sinamay fiber
and acorns.
Parulan 2nd prize.jpg (175204 bytes)

               Second Prize Winner,
                  made of garlic skin.
Parulan 3rd prize.jpg (191391 bytes)

        Third Prize Winner, made
         out of palay (unhusked rice)
           and the rice stalk.
Parulan, 4.jpg (188347 bytes)

This is one of my favorites, made out of fish scales and crab shells.

Parulan, 5.jpg (175406 bytes) Parulan, 6.jpg (178375 bytes) Parulan, 7.jpg (184967 bytes)
Parulan, 8.jpg (187954 bytes)

     Another one made out of fish
       scales and crab shells. Did
  have to eat the fish &
           crabs afterwards?
Parulan, 9.jpg (206314 bytes) Mrs. Cordero, Diana,.jpg (186316 bytes)

     Mrs. Agnes Cordero, Marce and
          Diana O. Sarol in front of the
                   winning parol.
Naring, Diana, Mrs. Cordero,.jpg (121916 bytes)
Enjoying the show - Marce (friend of Diana), Diana O. Sarol, Naring Orosa and Mrs. Agnes Cordero.
Naring, Engr. Cordero.jpg (118610 bytes)
Naring Orosa & Engr. Vicente Cordero. They are the sons of the founders. Engr. Cordero now runs the school.
Philippine Star on Parulan (Acrobat File)