(1) ANTONIO OROSA    m. Isabela Melang

    (2) PLACIDO MELANG OROSA  (1872-1910 in Cabusao)     
            m. in 1893 to Juliana San Juan (1877-1948) 

        3-1 RAMON SAN JUAN OROSA (1894-1991)
m. in 1915 to Vicenta "Lola Entang" Simeon
                (Some children of Ramon have migrated to Australia)
                4-1-1 FROLIAN   SIMEON OROSA 
                4-1-2 GIL            SIMEON  OROSA 
                4-1-3 VITO          SIMEON  OROSA
                4-1-4 ERNESTO  SIMEON  OROSA    
                4-1-5 LIVINA       SIMEON OROSA

        3-2 VICTORIO " TATA TOYONG" SAN JUAN OROSA (1898-1981)   
                   m. in 1919  to Lucrecia "Nana Lucre" Araguirang (1901-1982) 
                (They celebrated their 62 wedding anniversary in 1981shortly before Tata Toyong passed away.

                4-2-1 AGUSTIN "TATA GUSTIN" ARAGUIRANG  OROSA SR. (b.1921) 
m. in 1946 to Clara Relagio,  they live in Bigajo Sur, Libmanan, C.S.

                        5-2-1-1  DORIS     RELAGIO OROSA    m. Tom Parsons (lives in New Zealand) 

                        5-2-1-2 FRANCES RELAGIO OROSA    m. John Wayne Mangampo 
                                   6-2-1-2-1 HAZEL             OROSA MANGAMPO 
                                   6-2-1-2-2 HAROLD          OROSA MANGAMPO 
                                   6-2-1-2-3 CHARMINE       OROSA MANGAMPO 
                                   6-2-1-2-4 MARY CLAIRE OROSA MANGAMPO 

                        5-2-1-3 EDWIN RELAGIO  OROSA m. Lydia Blanco (lives in Legaspi, Albay)
                                   6-2-1-3-1 ANGELO             BLANCO OROSA
                                   6-2-1-3-2 CATHERINE        BLANCO OROSA
                                   6-2-1-3-3 CHRISTOPHER   BLANCO OROSA
                                6-2-1-3-4 SHELLET           BLANCO OROSA

                        5-2-1-4 MAUCILLE RELAGIO OROSA
6-2-1-4-1 RONNIE OROSA -------
6-2-1-4-2 CLAIRE OROSA -------

                        5-2-1-5 GRACE RELAGIO OROSA m. Efren
6-2-1-5-1 MICHAEL OROSA --------
6-2-1-5-2                OROSA --------

                        5-2-1-6 LALANIE RELAGIO OROSA
6-2-1-6-1                  OROSA -------
6-2-1-6-2 MARY JOY OROSA -------

                        5-2-1-7 FR. AGUSTIN RELAGIO "JOJO" OROSA JR. (b. 1966, lives in Milwaukee, WI) 
               4-2-2 CONSOLACION "NANA CONCHING" ARAGUIRANG OROSA (b. 1923) 
m. in 1944 to Jesus Mariano (they live in Haring Canaman, C.S.)
                        5-2-2-1 ROSENDO OROSA        MARIANO    m. Alicia

                        5-2-2-2 JESUS JR.   OROSA MARIANO 
6-2-2-2-1    NILO    MARIANO 

                        5-2-2-3 RAUL         OROSA MARIANO m. Flor
6-2-2-3-1    AIRA MARIANO
                        5-2-2-4 MINERVA   OROSA MARIANO    m. Romeo Manaog
6-2-2-4-3 STEVEN            MARIANO MANAOG
                        5-2-2-5 VENUS GRACIA OROSA MARIANO     m. David Peterson (live in Auckland, New Zealand) 
                                6-2-2-5-1    ANGELIQUE GRACE PETERSON 
                        5-2-2-6 ALBERTO  OROSA MARIANO m. Ines (lives in Germany, married to a German lady)
                        5-2-2-7 VICTOR     OROSA MARIANO
                        5-2-2-8 LORNA     OROSA MARIANO
6-2-2-8-1   JEPOY MARIANO 
                        5-2-2-9 DIANA "JING-JING" OROSA MARIANO     m. Colin Hilton (lives in Invercargill, New Zealand)
                                6-2-2-9-1    AMBER HILTON
                        5-2-2-10 RUBY  OROSA MARIANO     m. David McLachlan (lives in Auckland, New Zealand) 
                                   6-2-2-10-1    MATTHEW DAVID McLACHLAN
             4-2-3 JOSE ARAGUIRANG  OROSA (1928-1990) m. in 1949 to Mercedes "Nana Edeng" Bajamundi
(Jose traveled to Zamboanga and raised his family there. His children are now living in Manila)
5-2-3-1 JOSE    OROSA JR.
                        5-2-3-3 son 

             4-2-4 JAIME   ARAGUIRANG  OROSA SR. (b.1937)
m. Marina Villamer (they live in Cabusao)
                        5-2-4-1 DAN VILLAMER "KA DAN" OROSA (b.1956,  m. Jennie Catindig)
                                    6-2-3-1-1 THEOBEN JORDAN "TJ"   CATINDIG OROSA
                                    6-2-3-1-2 JAIME MARINA "JAIMAR" CATINDIG OROSA JR.
                                    6-2-3-1-3 JEDANA  "DANA"              CATINDIG OROSA
5-2-4-2 VICTOR VILLAMER OROSA (b. 1958, m. Luzviminda Patricio)
                                    (Victor is working in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia)
                                    6-2-4-2-1 CRISTY GRACE             PATRICIO OROSA
                                    6-2-4-2-2 MARIELL LUZ                PATRICIO OROSA
                                    6-2-4-2-3 DAN FELIX VICTOR       PATRICIO OROSA
                                    6-2-4-2-4 ESMEN JAMES VICTOR PATRICIO OROSA

                        5-2-4-3 SARAH VILLAMER OROSA (b. 1961, m. Villamor Cruz)
                                    6-2-4-3-1 EDUARDO AMOR "ANJO" OROSA CRUZ
                                    6-2-4-3-2 JANIS IAN "JIAN"             OROSA CRUZ
                                    6-2-4-3-3 JEMARRAH                      OROSA CRUZ
                                    6-2-4-3-4 "KIMPOT"                        OROSA CRUZ

                        5-2-3-4 JAIME   VILLAMER  OROSA JR. (1964-1995)
                        5-2-3-5 ROY VILLAMER OROSA (b. 1967, m. Gemma Yome)
                                    6-2-3-5-1 FRAX YOME           OROSA
                                    6-2-3-5-2 DANGDANG YOME OROSA
                        5-2-3-6 OMAR VILLAMER OROSA (b. 1969 m. Jean)
                                     6-2-3-6-1 VITTORIO OROSA

               4-2-5 MERLE ARAGUIRANG  OROSA b. 1939, m. in 1968 to Julio Timbalopez
                        (Merle is widowed and currently works in Kuwait)
                        5-2-5-1 JUMER OROSA TIMBALOPEZ
                        5-2-5-2 JAY      OROSA TIMBALOPEZ

               4-2-6 RUBEN ARAGUIRANG  OROSA (b. 1941) m. Salvacion Alberto 
                        5-2-6-1 LLOYD "CHOY" OROSA
                        5-2-6-2 ORLANDO         OROSA
                        5-2-6-3 WILSON            OROSA
                        5-2-6-4 daughter            OROSA (live in Holland?)
                        5-2-6-5 JASMIN             OROSA (live in Holland?) 
                        5-2-6-6 MENCHIE          OROSA (live in Holland?)
        3-3 MARIA  SAN JUAN OROSA (1906-1991)    m. in 1927 to Reynaldo Garcera Cario
                4-3-1 FIDELA      OROSA CARIO m. Arsenio Golpe Sr.
                        5-3-1-1 MARILYN          C.  GOLPE ENCISO 
                        5-3-1-2 ARSENIOR        C.  GOLPE JR.
5-3-1-3 RONELO           C.  GOLPE
5-3-1-4 BOBIT               C.  GOLPE
5-3-1-6 ELMO                C.  GOLPE
5-3-1-7 LAURO              C.  GOLPE
5-3-1-8 EMY                  C.  GOLPE

                4-3-2 LYDIA OROSA CARIO m. Prudencio de los Santos
                        5-3-2-1 JERRY        C.  DE LOS SANTOS
                        5-3-2-2 WILSON     C.  DE LOS SANTOS
                        5-3-2-3 FRANCIA    C.  DE LOS SANTOS
                        5-3-2-4 WHERLINA C.  DE LOS SANTOS
                        5-3-2-5 JUDALYN    C.  DE LOS SANTOS
                        5-3-2-6 OLY            C.  DE LOS SANTOS
                        5-3-2-7 CHARINA    C.  DE LOS SANTOS
                        5-3-2-8 PRULY        C.  DE LOS SANTOS

                4-3-3 RODOLFO OROSA CARIO  m. Corazon Nagrampa
                        5-3-3-1 GARY         N. CARIO
                        5-3-3-2 RANDY       N. CARIO              
                        5-3-3-3 RODERICK N. CARIO 
                        5-3-3-4 SUZETTE    N. CARIO            

                4-3-4 NOELITA OROSA CARIO m. Vicente Anay
                        5-3-4-1 MUZETTE C. ANAY

The original information consisting of about 30 names was originally researched and provided by our young friend/relative TJ Orosa, an Ateneo Law School student. His father "Ka Dan" is a Bishop with the Iglesia ni Kristo, Ecclesiatical District of Rizal. The existence of the Cabusao Orosas was first brought to the Batangas Orosas' attention when Ramon S. Orosa ran into Ka Dan during one of Ray's civic forays. It is interesting to note that Antonio Orosa would have been a contemporary of the three brothers (Basilio, Guillermo and Santiago) from Taal. Placido is the same generation as Simplicio and Agaton.

We have added Agustin Orosa Sr. and many others to TJ's original list. I am now in contact with Agustin Sr. in Libmanan and also with his son Fr. Agustin "Jojo" Orosa Jr. in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Fr. Jojo is a priest with the order of St. Camillus. On Aug. 18, 2002 Fr. Jojo gave me more information which has been incorporated above. So this is a joint effort! At 82, Agustin Sr. writes with a trusted typewriter and he immediately replied to my first letter. According to Fr. Jojo, the family had a reunion back in 1991. We are in the process of getting the pictures so we can publish in the web site.

From the various locations of their domicile, the Camarines Orosas are as adventurous or peripatetic as the Batangas Orosas.

After we added more names provided by Fr. Jojo, additional information was given by Victor Villamer Orosa from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia on Sept. 1, 2002. Victor is the younger brother of Ka Dan. So our list ever grows! Victor had many stories to tell, among them that "Tata Toyong" who is pictured below, recounted years ago that he had relatives in Batangas. 

As mentioned befoe, Ka Dan is A Bishop with the Iglesia ni Kristo while his first cousin Fr. Jojo is a Roman Catholic priest, order of St. Camillus. But the following words are appropriate for their work:
"And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose." Romans 8:28

As we open the New Year of 2003, I have received more information from Mrs. Consolacion "Nana Conching" Orosa Mariano, the  younger sister of Tata Gustin. Nana Conching belongs to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (LDS), which keeps the most records of any organization in the world when it comes to births and deaths.  She has given me complete birth, marriage and dates of passing of the elder Camarines Orosas. Our list grows and grows, now numbering almost 100 and at the rate of progress we're making, it could easily double in the coming year or so. Any serious genealogist has to use the Family Research Library of the LDS. Through her granddaughter Chatyline Manaog, Nana Conching has sent me more pictures which have been posted in the main web page. Chatyline has also provided me with contact information on the Nana Conching's daughters in New Zealand. The youngest, Ruby McLachlan, has already been in touch. Thank you Nana Conching! Thank you Chatyline!

Then almost a year after the communication from Victor Villamer Orosa, on August 10, 2003 Victor forwarded to me a note from Randy Nagrampa Carino, who completed the list of the children and grandchildren of Maria San Juan Orosa. Randy had found our website and wanted to complete our list. Thank you Randy and Victor.

Below are some pictures of our Camarines Sur breathren. Additional pictures can be seen at Consolacion O. Mariano p1 and Consolacion O. Mariano p2, and Victorio Orosa Family

Victorio_Orosa__young.jpg (32690 bytes)

 Victorio "Tata Toyong" Orosa as a young man, probably taken in the 1920's
Victorio_Orosa_in_suit.jpg (158048 bytes)

Tata Toyong in his later years, possibly taken in the late 1970's or or around his anniversary in 1981.

victorio orosa family.jpg (208047 bytes)
Victorio Orosa family reunion in 1965


victorio orosa anniversary 1 opt.jpg (233868 bytes)Tata Toyong & Mama Lucre 60th anniversay.



victorio orosa anniversary 2 opt.jpg (206802 bytes)Tata Toyong & Mama Lucre 60th anniversay.
Nana Conching, Nana Merle, TJ.jpg (48040 bytes)Nana Merle, Consolacion "Nana Conching" and TJ. Merle and Conching are the two daughters of Tata Toyong.


Nana Conching, TJ, closeup.jpg (54639 bytes)
Nana Conching with TJ




Nana Conching, TJ.jpg (32123 bytes) 

Nana Conching with TJ
Ka Dan Orosa Family.jpg (35003 bytes) Ka Dan Villamer Orosa & Family; Jaimar, Mrs. Jennie, Ka Dan, TJ and Dana

TJ's graduation picture

Jaimar_Orosa.jpg (86079 bytes)
"Jaimar" Orosa, brother of TJ

Fr._Jojo_tn.jpg (25177 bytes)

Fr. Agustin "Jojo" Orosa Jr., grandson of Victorio



Angelo Orosa.jpg (33247 bytes)Angelo Orosa, son of Edwin, grandson 
  of Tata Gustin,
great grandson
of Victorio