The palengke is where our families shopped, usually in Quiapo and Divisoria, before the advent of the Unimarts and Shoemarts around Manila. They still exist in the smaller towns like Alfonso, Taal and Bauan. Here are a few scenes to take you back to the past.

Local Market.jpg (164430 bytes)

The "main street" of the Alfonso, Cavite palengke.

Coffee Vendor.jpg (133378 bytes)

Mitoy Orosa checking out the coffee vendor.

Coffee Vendor 2.jpg (156537 bytes) She makes a sale. A kilo of this "Barako" roasted beans is sitting in my refrigerator in Cincinnati, Ohio compliments of Mitoy.
Muslim CD Vendor.jpg (160272 bytes)       This Muslim vendor is selling
    music and movie CD's. I bought
   some Walt Disney movies for 40
               pesos or $0.80 each.
Meat Vendor.jpg (148368 bytes)           
               Want some fresh meat?
                     No refrigeration.
Meat Vendor 2.jpg (120699 bytes)     
     Another meat stall, fresh pork.
Fish monger.jpg (183325 bytes)
Naring checking out the fresh tilapia. This is the Taal palengke.
Fresh Tilapia.jpg (177285 bytes)
No kidding, the tilapia are still jumping.
Cleaning d fish.jpg (152325 bytes)

The fish monger gladly cleans for you.
Fresh Bangus.jpg (118470 bytes)

Fresh bangus off the fish ponds.

Sausage & Tapa vendor.jpg (178645 bytes)      
          Dee Sarol and friend Marce
            bought some fresh tapa.

Ice House.jpg (171873 bytes)
Blocks of ice sold from a hollow block shed.