By Orosa clan standards, 2004 has been a relatively quiet year. However we have a number of events to celebrate. Among them are a couple of engagements, several babies (I just know there are more but these four below are the only pictures I have), family reunions and a cultural revival. What's this latter event? None other than the revival, after an eighteen year hiatus, of Filipinescas by our most senior Orosa, the National Artist eighty seven years young Leonor Orosa Goquingco. Check out what the critics have to say by visiting our index page and scroll down to Leonor's links.

Speaking of octogenarians, we have several to celebrate. On the Bauan side besides Leonor are Clemen  Ylagan Villarosa (pictured below), Clemen's sister Criselda "Cilding" Ylagan Angara, Angelina "Tita" Orosa Velez and Helen Orosa del Rosario. Jose "Pepe" Eleazar, husband of the late Fely Orosa Ylagan, turned 80 a year ago. Coming up close but still a couple of years short of the magic eight-oh are Conrado O. Ilagan, Apolinario N. Orosa and Rosalinda L. Orosa. Let me take a stab at mentioning the octogenarians from the Basilio & Camarines Orosas. From Basilio's family there's Evaristo "Evar" Orosa, Ely Orosa Raquel-Santos, Milagros "Milagring" Orosa Aliling, Elma Orosa Paraiso and Justita Cabrera Orosa. From Camarines are Agustin "Tata Gustin" Orosa and Consolacion "Nana Conching" Orosa Mariano. I apologize in advance for those I may have skipped.

Some of the Nicolas Orosa family had a get together in New Jersey on the occasion of the visit of Nic Jr. from the Philippines. They were joined by Ricardo Jr. and his sons Calvin & Jamil. This trio came all the way from Sydney, Australia! Check them out at Nicolas Orosa Family reunion. Another visit earlier in the year was Lola Justita Cabrera. Her husband was Vicente Orosa Jr., a grandson of Agaton. I believe it was her first visit to the United States & Canada. Check out the pictures in the July 2004 Update.

Standing: Clemen Ylagan Villarosa and her
grandson Mark Villarosa. Seated are Marjorie
Akil, her sister and mother. Mark & Marjorie
are engaged. (They were wed in Dec.) Clemen is the daughter of
Simplicia Orosa Ylagan.

Dara Orosa Fahy and his bride Sarah Jane Needham.
Dara's mom is Yoying Orosa, his grandpa is
Sixto L. Orosa Jr. and great grandpa
Dr. Sixto Y. Orosa.

Thomas Vincent "Tobey" Hilario, born 10/22/04.
His parents are Joel O. & Bambie Hilario.
He is a great grandson of Vicente Y. Orosa.

Elyse Amaya Orosa, born 9/15/04. His parents are Mario V.
& Deidra Orosa. It is interesting to note that Elyse and
Tobey are second cousins, but they 10,000  miles apart.
Elyse is in Akron, OH  while Tobey is in Quezon City.

Ryan Carmona and daughter
Maryann born 12/14/04. Mom
is Marissa Labrador. Ryan is a great
great grandson of the fabled Agaton
B. Orosa.

Jose Diego Aliling, born 12/8/04, is Milagring Orosa Aliling's first
great grandchild. Holding Jose Diego is father Jose Karlo,
Milagring, Miguel Jose Aliling Lapus and baby's grandpa
Jose Bayani "Jing"Aliling.

Jocelyn Orosa Naylor and her three children;
Cassandra, Alexander (Zander) and Carlo, who
just turned one. Carlo's dad Marys Kolodziej
took the picture. Jocelyn is a great
granddaughter of Dr. Sixto Y. Orosa