There were three siblings from Taal - Basilio, Guillermo and Santiago, born in the period around 1830-1840. We don't know the sequence of their birth.


The most numerous branch with approximately 400 living descendants. These are the Taal, Mindoro and Cavite Orosas.


Approximately 300 living
descendants. These are the Bauan Orosas. Guillermo's son Simplicio moved from Taal to Bauan around the turn of the 20th century. 40% of the 300 now live outside the Philippines.


The list of his descendants is only about 30 so we are probably missing a lot of information. I have no contact with anyone in this branch. Information was supplied by Fermin "Mitoy" Orosa of the Basilio branch.

Other Orosa branches whose relationship to the Basilio, Guillermo and Santiago branches is unknown at the present time:

ANTONIO OROSA of Cabusao, Camarines Sur
There are about one hundred on my list. Most of this branch still live in the Camarines Sur area with some in Manila. There are a few abroad, from New Zealand to Germany to Saudi Arabia and the U.S.

GREGORIO OROSA of San Pablo City, Laguna
There are only twenty listed for this branch. A few even live on the island of Basilan, a hot spot in more ways than one. I have only one contact from this branch. The original list was provided by Elma Orosa Paraiso.

You can access a list of all the Orosas under each branch by clicking on every  link. Please note that the numbers preceding each name are particular to each branch only. However, the first number is common, and indicates the generation and each generation has its own color code. To relate the numbers between Basilio, Guillermo and Santiago, I would have add and change 1 or 2 digits on all 750 of them! Not ready for such a task yet.

I have a total of about 110 email contacts, most of them from the Guillermo branch.